Chapter 1097: Spacetime Grotto

The energy from the door was unstoppable. Nobody could do anything when everyone was pulled into the door. Xiang Shaoyun focused on sensing the energy instead of resisting. His clone could feel it clearly: the energy seemed to be a type of willpower, not some special power. It felt that if he actually resisted, he would perhaps be killed.

Xiang Shaoyun did not resist, but he was becoming more and more curious about this place. By the time he stood on something again, the scene before his eyes had changed completely. 

It was like a paradise. The chirping of birds resounded constantly, flowers bloomed, and streams flowed peacefully. The place did not look dangerous, completely different from everyone's expectations, considering where they had come from.

Everyone was completely stunned. They had come here after experiencing numerous hardships. Thus, they had a hard time accepting the fact that this was the place they had come to. After all, a grotto should be brimming with an ancient aura, but this place was far too different from the legends.

Suddenly, the runic charged Xiang Shaoyun, roaring, "Kid, hand your life over!"

He did not care what this place was. His priority was to kill Xiang Shaoyun and erase his shame. The runic was born with incredible speed. He also possessed powerful dark energy that allowed him to unleash terrifying attacks. 

But when he attacked, he failed to release his actual strength. Instead, he could only use his physical strength, which was far less destructive than his capabilities. He was stunned.

Xiang Shaoyun reacted by throwing a punch out. He also noticed that he couldn't utilize his astral energy and could only use his physical strength. Their attacks collided, and the runic was sent flying.

"This is not possible! How can you be so strong even with your astral energy suppressed?" exclaimed the runic in astonishment as he borrowed the impact to withdraw quickly.

"I can easily take care of you in all environments," said Xiang Shaoyun confidently.

He stepped forth, preparing to push on toward the runic. Since the runic had acted against him several times, he was prepared to kill him.

"Everyone, what are you waiting for? Come and get him. He didn't get here through the competition," the runic hurriedly shouted in panic.

"You can't even deal with small fry? Watch as I punch him into mincemeat with one move," said someone with an ox head. He charged Xiang Shaoyun and threw a ferocious punch forward.

The ox-head also couldn't use his full strength. Even so, his punch couldn't be underestimated; it could easily crush a boulder. 

Xiang Shaoyun met the punch with his own.

Their punches collided, and just like the runic, the ox-head was sent flying. Everyone around them was astonished. They had not imagined that the young man would actually be so valiant. Not even the ox-head, whose race was known for physical strength, was his match.

"Are you not ashamed of running your mouths with only this much strength?" said Xiang Shaoyun with a sneer before rushing forth.

Even if he couldn't use his astral energy, he could still run at an extreme, shocking speed.

The ox-head yelled, "Kid, don't get too cocky!"

The ox-head burst out with an explosive aura, and white steam shot out of his nose. He was clearly infuriated as he erupted with all his strength and charged Xiang Shaoyun. The ox-head had a much sturdier physique than Xiang Shaoyun. His fist shot forth like a massive boulder threatening to smash Xiang Shaoyun to death.

Xiang Shaoyun showed no fear and met the massive fist with his tiny-in-comparison fist. The two fists collided once again, and the sound of bones cracking sounded.


The punch broke the ox-head's arm, and he was flung away once again. When the runic saw Xiang Shaoyun's scariness, he hurriedly slipped away in fear. In any case, he wasn't related to the ox-head. What happened to the ox-head had nothing to do with him.

However, Xiang Shaoyun did not intend to spare him. Like an arrow, Xiang Shaoyun rushed over and caught up with the runic in the span of several blinks. He kicked him. The runic couldn't even react before he was sent tumbling into the bush.

Xiang Shaoyun pressed on and stepped on the runic. "So, are you still going to act all cocky with me?"

"You better let go of me. I'm part of the runic race. If you offend us, we will take revenge against you wherever you go in the future," said the runic, unyielding.

Xiang Shaoyun couldn't be bothered to respond. He applied more force and pushed the runic into the ground. The runic felt humiliated and started roaring in anger. Alas, roaring was the only thing he could do, and he suffered more because of it.

Nobody came to help him; they just dispersed to search for what they had come to this place for. The ox-head also no longer dared to act cocky, and he swiftly fled.

Xiang Shaoyun kicked the runic to his feet and said, "I'm going to ask you some questions. If you dare to refuse any question, you will lose your head."

The runic no longer dared to resist. He repeatedly nodded while swearing inwardly, I'll follow his words for now. After I regain the ability to use my astral energy, I will definitely erase him.

"How did all of you reach here? What place is this? Tell me everything you know," demanded Xiang Shaoyun.

The runic hid nothing and told him what he knew. The underground river was known as the Spacetime River. Every 1,000 years, it would appear at different locations. Each appearance would cause numerous experts to fight for the opportunities the river presented.

The Spacetime River would appear at random times and random locations. Thus, very few people were lucky enough to encounter it. Also, one had to be in the Soul Foundation Realm to be eligible to fight for the opportunities the river presented. Those below the realm would not be able to withstand the spacetime power. At the same time, those above the Soul Foundation Realm also couldn't enter the river because the river's inconceivable power would repel them.

Everyone else had come from the Spacetime River and had only entered after an intense competition. 

After listening to all the runic had to say, Xiang Shaoyun was shocked and stunned. Had the Southern Wasteland's people appeared in the Western Desert or had he appeared in the Southern Wasteland?

Xiang Shaoyun asked, "How about this grotto? Where is this place exactly?"

"We are still within the Spacetime River. It is rumored that the river connects to a place beyond space and time. We don't know where exactly this place is either," answered the runic.

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