Chapter 1096: Loud Runic

Apart from the over 100 humans that had appeared, there were some other races present as well. Their unique features made it clear that they were not humans, and they also seemed powerful. 

After taking a look at all the bone ships, Xiang Shaoyun saw a mysterious door.

The door was massive, as though it was the gate of heaven. It stood loftily, with dragons, phoenixes, and other high-tier beasts carved on it. The door looked ancient, imposing, and mystical. It was as though an entirely different world was behind the door. This place's secret could perhaps be found behind the door.

Xiang Shaoyun stood on the ship silently. He observed his surroundings coldly, not understanding what was going on.

Not far away from him stood a runic. The runic looked at Xiang Shaoyun and shouted, "Kid, where did you come from? I never saw you during the Underground River Battle."

His words attracted more eyes to Xiang Shaoyun. The gazes were filled with hostility, as though they were going to fill Xiang Shaoyun's body with holes. Only then did Xiang Shaoyun notice that they were all late-stage Sovereigns. Not one of them was a regular Sovereign.

"I have no clue what the Underground River Battle is. Can you dispel my doubts?" asked Xiang Shaoyun in a nonchalant manner.

His words were filled with a provocative tone, causing the gazes focused on him to fill with killing intent.

A person said, "Since he doesn't even know what the Underground River Battle is, he is most likely a random nobody who came here by accident. Just get rid of him and not waste more time."

"I can deal with a small fish like this," said the runic with a sneer, attacking.

Numerous runes appeared, crisscrossed, and formed a palm. The palm charged through the river water and shot toward Xiang Shaoyun. The runes were extremely destructive, capable of instantly turning one into mincemeat.

Xiang Shaoyun blanked out when he saw the palm travel unimpeded through the water. He couldn't understand why the river wasn't stopping the palm from venturing beyond the ship. He was not given much time to think. He threw a punch out at the palm.

The two powerful attacks collided, creating a muffled sound. However, not a single ripple formed in the water, as though the collision was merely an illusion. This further confused Xiang Shaoyun.

Just what kind of a river was this, and how had it formed? Everything was incredibly odd. 

The runic was surprised that Xiang Shaoyun could actually block his attack. He could clearly sense that Xiang Shaoyun was only a first-stage Sovereign.

"Looks like you are not completely useless. Take my second attack," shouted the runic as he attacked with both palms.

The two palms formed of runes joined to become a butterfly. The butterfly flapped its wings and shot toward Xiang Shaoyun. It was extremely powerful, exuding the strength of a seventh-stage Sovereign.

Any regular Sovereign would not be able to survive. Xiang Shaoyun, however, was not a regular Sovereign. He possessed unparalleled combat strength. 

Lightning gathered in his fist, then rushed out like a river of lightning, resulting in another powerful collision. The impact from this collision was also swiftly neutralized by the river.

At this time, a demon expert shouted, "The underground river has the power of emptiness. You won't be able to kill him with this. Just wait until we reach the grotto.

"Kid, consider yourself lucky. You better not follow us later, or you will die a miserable death," said the runic with a sneer.

Xiang Shaoyun couldn't even be bothered to reply. Once again, he started contemplating the secret of this underground river. He took out some random items and tossed them into the river. The items instantly vanished the moment they touched the water.

He grew even more astonished. The others looked at him like he was an idiot, causing him to feel somewhat gloomy.

"Where are you from? Can anyone tell me about this river?" asked Xiang Shaoyun.

Alas, everyone ignored him.

"Fine, since you're refusing to talk, I'll make him talk," said Xiang Shaoyun as he attacked the runic.

A golden finger sword beam swiftly shot forth, moving at an incredible speed. The runic was extraordinarily strong and had a fast reaction time. Even so, he only noticed the beam when it was already right before his chest, leaving him with no choice but to strike the beam with his palm.

However, the moment he touched the beam, the beam exploded with golden stinging energy and, with it, shrouded the runic. His defensive barrier collapsed as the golden energy seeped into his skin and tormented him. Wails of pain resounded from his mouth.

The demon expert from earlier frowned and muttered, "What is this? Why can he harm someone here?"

"The energy in the river won't immediately devour all energy. That fellow was injured because he couldn't block the attack," someone replied.

After the successful attack, Xiang Shaoyun said, "Tell me, or you will continue enjoying this pain."

"Dream on," shouted the runic.

Immediately, a layer of shiny runes wrapped around the runic's body, protecting him from further harm. At the same time, a black spear appeared in his hand. He launched several attacks with the spear, attempting to kill Xiang Shaoyun.

Unfortunately for him, Xiang Shaoyun directly blocked the attacks and suffered minimal damage. Instead of staying on the defensive, Xiang Shaoyun jabbed with his finger several times, using the Flux Finger Sword Technique to attack the runic several times.

Xiang Shaoyun didn't hold back. His combat strength matched a peak Sovereigns; thus, it was not surprising that he was strong enough to harm a seventh-stage Sovereign.

Attacked repeatedly, the runic wailed in pain. The stabbing pain made him wish he was dead. 

If it wasn't for his resilience, he would have passed out from the pain.

"Are you talking?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

"Yes, I'll talk. Stop," the runic finally surrendered.

Xiang Shaoyun stopped attacking and waited for the runic to talk. But before the runic could say anything, the door opened. Everyone became excited. This was the moment they had been waiting for. Things they all longed for could be found beyond the door.

Xiang Shaoyun found himself growing nervous because he did not know what he would find beyond the door. Just as he was contemplating on whether he should go through, beams of energy shot out of the door and pulled them all inside.

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