Chapter 1093: Guo Po Bullied

Everyone talked over each other, but nobody came up with a solution. It was still up to Xiang Shaoyun to decide.

Xiang Shaoyun waited for them to stop talking before he said, "We can't lose both Zhuma City and Qingxiu City. We will send three Saints out and suppress the two cities. Let's see if the Dragon Society really has the spine to start a war with us."

One ought to acknowledge Xiang Shaoyun's boldness for his words.

"But if we do, the sect would be left temporarily empty," said Old Yao.

"This is a game of perception. They are still unclear of our true strength for now. If we can deploy three Saints at once, they will assume that we have more Saints in the sect. This will make them fear us more, and they won't easily provoke us anymore," said Xiang Shaoyun with a wise look in his eyes.

Pang Tongyuan clapped and praised, "Yes, the young master is right. Rather than hesitating unendingly, we might as well do it fast and catch the Dragon Society by complete surprise. Let's see if they have the spine to fight us to the death. In any case, we won't have any reinforcements coming, so we might as well make a gamble and try to scare off the Dragon Society."

The others had a look of rumination as they considered what Xiang Shaoyun had just said. After giving it some thought, they found themselves agreeing. They would showcase the overbearing side of the sect and march against the Ma Clan and the Qingxiu Manor.

Because the matter had been delayed for quite a while due to Xiang Shaoyun's seclusion, they couldn't wait anymore. They set off immediately upon making a decision. Xiang Shaoyun did not plan to set off personally. He was going to stay and guard the sect. It would be enough for Duo Ji, the turtle, and the toad to go.

After all, Xiang Shaoyun was the young master of the sect. There was no need for him to get off his throne and personally deal with two rebelling organizations. He believed that Duo Ji would be able to resolve the issue properly.

After dealing with the matter, Xiang Shaoyun strolled around the sect by himself. He still hadn't had the chance to take a walk around the sect after taking it back. The sect had recovered somewhat and received some new blood. The sect's empty ranks were being slowly replenished, and the atmosphere within the sect was becoming much more bustling.

Of course, the sect was still far from its previous flourishing state. 

Looking at the deferential sect members around him, Xiang Shaoyun sighed inwardly, Just how long will it take for me to return the sect to how it was before? And how long will it take for the sect to surpass its past self? If I can improve the sect, it will be a good way of making up for losing Father's sect.

When he reached the training square, he saw a group of children who were about 10 years old. All of them were training hard, with most of them working on their strength and muscles. They were working very hard to grow faster than their peers. His gaze landed on a certain child with a lame leg. His gaze turned gentle. That child was none other than Guo Po.

Guo Po looked much sturdier than he was a few months ago, and his lame foot was much nimbler than before. However, his leg still affected his balance, making strength training harder for him. In fact, strength training was probably several times—or even tens of times—harder for him than the other disciples.

Fortunately, Guo Po was aware of the importance of hard work. Thus, he was able to stay calm as he slowly gained strength. He was now a fifth-stage Basic Realm cultivator. It seemed possible that he would really enter the Astral Realm in a year. However, it was still unknown if his lame leg would be an obstacle during his breakthrough.

Xiang Shaoyun originally planned to leave after taking a look at Guo Po working hard. Guo Po's cultivation level was still too low for Xiang Shaoyun to personally teach him, and it would have to wait until Guo Po's leg was healed. 

Just as Xiang Shaoyun was about to leave, he saw several children heading over to bully Guo Po.

"You cripple, didn't I tell you to not show your face at the training square ever again? Are you disregarding my words?" questioned a sturdy child arrogantly.

Fear appeared on Guo Po's face as he said, "Th-this is the training spot given by the sect. I have the right to train here too."

"Yo, look at you, having the spine to talk back. Do you want to get beaten up one more time?" asked the sturdy child as he gave Guo Po a shove.

"Boss, what's the point of talking to him? Just beat him up," urged the sturdy child's companions.

"That's right. This cripple is nothing but trash. How will he be able to gain Little Sister Fu'er's favor? He is obviously trying to gain her sympathy. Let's beat him to the point he can't show his face before us again," said a different person.

"D-don't bully! I-I'll tell the instructor!" said Guo Po as he grew more and more timid.

He was someone who had experienced too much bullying. Although he was now Xiang Shaoyun's disciple, he had not received much teaching from Xiang Shaoyun. Thus, he still lacked confidence.

"Haha, you're nothing but a coward that goes to the instructor for everything. The instructor was here earlier, so he won't be back for the day. Forget the instructor. Let us cripple your other leg as well. Let's see if you can continue coming here in the future," said the sturdy child with a smug laugh.

And thus, the group surrounded Guo Po, prepared to beat him up. These children were trained and could be extremely vicious in fights. When the beating began, Guo Po started wailing. 

Xiang Shaoyun frowned. He didn't feel bad seeing Guo Po being bullied. Rather, he felt bad seeing Guo Po not striking back and him accepting the beating. It was too cowardly.

If Guo Po did not change, Xiang Shaoyun would wonder if Guo Po was the wrong disciple to accept. After all, regardless of talent, a person would not reach far without a backbone.

Right this moment, a delicate girl ran over and shouted, "Big Zhuang, stop!"

The children stopped at her voice.

"Little Sister Fu, why do you keep helping this cripple? He is not worthy of your favor," questioned the sturdy child unhappily.

"Guo Po is already so pitiful, yet you're bullying him? Don't you feel bad about yourself?" said the girl with her hands on her waist.

"He's pitiful? Haha, I'll make him even more pitiful. Nobody can act pitiful in front of you anymore. Break his other leg," shouted the sturdy child as he roared with laughter.

The beating resumed. The girl wanted to help, but the sturdy boy shoved her onto the ground.

"Ahhh," the girl shouted.

Guo Po was silently enduring the beating when he saw the girl fall to the ground. A ruthless glint appeared in his eyes, and he roared, "Do not bully her!"

"Yo, so you gained the courage to talk back? Yes, I'm bullying her. What are you going to do about it?" asked the sturdy boy with a sneer.

"I'll teach you a lesson for that!" said Guo Po, his eyes lighting up with a radiant glow.

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