Chapter 1092: More Waves

The incoming lightning bolts weren't regular lightning bolts. Rather, they were starfall lightning bolts, containing extremely dreadful power within them. However, the current Xiang Shaoyun no longer feared them. 

Xiang Shaoyun released his soul foundation. With his soul clone embedded within the soul foundation, he welcomed the lightning shower.

The lightning bolts were destructive enough to instantly smite numerous mountains into dust. Xiang Shaoyun was able to block them, and he used them to temper his soul clone and his soul foundation. His clone and soul foundation became glossy and sleek as the lightning purified their impurities.

Strands of overbearing starfall lightning energy appeared on his soul foundation. Xiang Shaoyun was taking a great risk by letting the lightning bolts strike his soul clone. If it wasn't for the fact that his main body had refined the starfall lightning energy, he wouldn't have dared to attempt something like this. Any slight carelessness would destroy his soul and end his life.

The repeated lightning bombardment allowed his soul and soul foundation to reap immense benefits. His soul power grew, and his soul foundation became even stronger. His foundation now emanated an increasingly terrifying pressure, signifying Xiang Shaoyun's growth in strength.

Summoning starfall lightning bolts from the sky and wielding starfall lightning energy in hand, he looked like the child of lightning dancing in the air, shaking the heavens and the earth.

"If I hadn't exhausted the starfall lightning energy with the Limit Stimulation Technique, I would have probably advanced by two or three stages. It is really hard to determine whether I have gained or lost something from this exchange," muttered Xiang Shaoyun. He descended from the sky.

Money flew over and said, "Boss, you're too strong. You actually managed to refine all the starfall lightning energy. I was prepared to share some of the burden with you."

"Sure you do. I reckon you only wanted to grab some benefits from me," said Xiang Shaoyun, who could see that Money had also grown stronger.

Money smiled and said, "Boss, someone from the sect has arrived. There seems to be an urgent matter."

"Um. Let's take a look," said Xiang Shaoyun.

He was in a rush to keep growing, but cultivation was not something that could be rushed. One could only grow strong by taking some time to temper oneself. Xiang Shaoyun removed the formation surrounding the mountain and walked out with Money.

Du Xuanhao was waiting there. When he saw Xiang Shaoyun, he saluted respectfully, "Greetings, young master."

"Be at ease, Big Brother Du. What is so urgent that you need to wait here?" asked Xiang Shaoyun.

Du Xuanhao replied, "We received news that some people from the Dragon Society were spotted at Zhuma City and Qingxiu City. It looks like they intend to take the two cities under their wing."

"Is the news reliable? Where did you get it from?" asked Xiang Shaoyun with a frown.

The Dragon Society and the Ziling Sect had been hostile for a long time. Not even Xiang Shaoyun knew the reason for the hostility, but this intrusion into their territory wasn't something to be treated lightly.

"The news is most likely true. It was sent to us by the people we sent out. They were supposed to demand some answers from the two clans, but the change in circumstances forced them to return with new reports. Please make a decision, young master," said Du Xuanhao.

"Let's go. We'll talk more at the sect," said Xiang Shaoyun. He sensed that the situation was not simple, so he brought Du Xuanhao and Money back to the sect before discussing it.

Along the way, he asked for more details. Du Xuanhao told him everything he knew. This was something that had happened half a month ago. Instead of acting with great fanfare, the Dragon Society had sent their people to contact the Ma Clan and the Qingxiu Manor. They seemed to be trying to persuade the two to join them. If they joined, the Dragon Society would be able to obtain two new territories without warring.

The stance of the two organizations was temporarily unknown, and it would be up to the Ziling Sect to decide on their response. If the two organizations decided to turn against the sect, it would be a great blow, and the Dragon Society would be further emboldened.

After returning to the grand hall, Xiang Shaoyun called his trusted aides over. It was then that he learned that Duo Ji broke through to the Heaven Battling Realm a month ago. His breakthrough was worthy of celebration.

Duo Ji was better than ever, and he seemed to have become more than 10 years younger. He now had the appearance of a heroic middle-aged man and no longer looked like the old man that he was.

When Xiang Shaoyun saw Duo Ji, he offered his congratulations, "Old drunkard, you have finally taken this step. What great news to receive!"

Duo Ji gave Xiang Shaoyun a deep bow and said, "This is all thanks to you, young master. I would have remained a cripple if not for you."

"There is no need for you to be this courteous with me. I hereby appoint you sacred elder of the sect. From now on, the sect's safety will be on your shoulders," said Xiang Shaoyun. He scanned the crowd and said, "Did everyone hear about the Dragon Society recruiting the Ma Clan and the Qingxiu Manor? What ideas do you have?"

Pang Tongyuan said, "They have long been disloyal. With the Dragon Society's recruitment, they will most likely turn on us. In any case, the Dragon Society has always been stronger than us. In recent years, we have been continuously retreating from their provocations. Since they have received the news about our recent turmoil, they definitely won't let go of this chance to further weaken us. It will be very hard for us to regain the loyalty of the two organizations. We should instead get ready for an all-out war against the Dragon Society."

"Will the Dragon Society war for those two territories?" asked Old Yao doubtfully.

"Yes. They are also a tier-7 organization like us, and we have always been competitors. Back when the sect master was still around, they had suffered humiliation under his hands. Now that they have the chance to step on us while we are down, they won't let go of this chance," said Pang Tongyuan.

"That's right. Back then, the sect master was unparalleled, beating the Dragon Society people until they pissed their pants in terror. They are probably here to take revenge for the past," said Duo Ji.

"What should we do? We can't let them occupy the two territories," asked Du Xuanhao.

"Since they are forcing our hand, we might as well throw all caution to the wind. Destroy both places and leave nothing for them," said Devouring Ghost coldly. "There is no point in keeping those with traitorous hearts. In any case, what we lack is not subordinate organizations but experts. When we grow in strength, we will have no lack of subordinate organizations."

"That is true, but it will reduce our yearly tributes considerably. After all, they are still quite wealthy," said Pang Tongyuan.

"But we are currently not the Dragon Society's match. We will definitely lose the two territories," said Devouring Ghost.

"We can apply some pressure to the Ma Clan and the Qingxiu Manor. Warn them that if they really turn on us, we will declare them as our mortal enemies. Perhaps it will deter them from betraying," suggested Old Yao.

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