Chapter 1091: Limit Stimulation

Xiang Shaoyun had actually reached the fifth stage, bones as weapons stage, in one go. If Zang Yuan was to revive and witness this, his eyeballs would probably pop out of his eye sockets out of sheer shock. Could one even cultivate the Limit Stimulation Technique in this manner?

The cultivation of each stage required one to endure the highest levels of pain. A single moment of carelessness would send one to the afterlife. And yet Xiang Shaoyun was actually cultivating four stages simultaneously when he was in such a critical condition. Was he still human?

Lightning flooded every inch of his body. Fortunately, his lightning bone started working its wonder at this moment. As he started cultivating the bones as weapons stage, his lightning bone's innate lightning absorption ability activated. The starfall lightning energy was absorbed into his bones, allowing his bones to undergo another round of transformation.

However, doing that much was not enough. He was still cultivating the other stages of the Limit Stimulation Technique and needed energy for them. If he failed any of the stages, he would die.

During his moment of crisis, strands of soul power spread out of his soul foundation to protect his final bit of life force, preserving the connection between his body and soul. If the connection between the body and soul was severed, the consequences would be severe.

Not even Xiang Shaoyun's soul clone could do anything if the connection broke. 

At his most helpless moment, a different power within his body stirred, and his boiling blood flowed throughout him. A devilish aura erupted, forming a black phantom with Xiang Shaoyun's appearance. 

The black phantom looked much more imposing and handsome than him, looking incredibly sinister as though he was the child of the greatest of devils from the deepest depths of the Devil Domain, an oppressive and powerful figure.

With the appearance of the devilish aura, his life force filled his entire body, returning some life to his destroyed flesh. His torn meridians rejoined together, and his inner organs were healed by the new blood flowing inside them.

The cultivation of the Limit Stimulation Technique involved pushing one to the limits and awaken one's potential. Xiang Shaoyun in particular had his potential within his bloodline. He had the blood of the devils and the humans. This was his blood essence. His blood was akin to the sun and to a river that could nourish every inch of his body, filling his body with boundless vitality.

The energy within his wood star started flowing out uncontrollably, helping his bloodline power heal him. Of course, the energy and his bloodline power could only temporarily give him relief. The starfall lightning energy was far too rich. He had to refine and absorb the starfall lightning energy before he could resolve his current crisis.

The moment of respite the healing brought him allowed his lightning bone to begin fusing with the starfall lightning energy. A tiny bit of resonance formed, allowing his Heaven Conquering Overlord Manual to direct the starfall lightning energy into his lightning star.

Ever since Xiang Shaoyun had entered the Sovereign Realm, his lightning star's capacity had expanded greatly. Thus, he could store the starfall lightning energy despite its power.

His skin, meridians, and inner organs reached their limits and started breaking through the limits. The Limit Stimulation Technique thus started to stimulate his body, and with the assistance of his devil blood, he regrew his skin, meridians, and inner organs.

As long as he hadn't fully refined the starfall lightning energy, it would continue destroying his body. Thus, his skin, meridians and inner organs were repeatedly damaged and repaired. The cycle continued on and on, tormenting him endlessly. It eventually reached a point where he was numb to the pain.

He transformed into a purple lightning dragon as he cultivated, presenting a scene that would shock all onlookers. As for Money, he flew to a different spot and started his individual breakthrough. Money had long become a peak Demon Emperor. Now that he had absorbed a portion of the starfall lightning energy, he was finally able to take a step forward.

Numerous lightning bolts rained down on Money as he attempted to break through, creating quite a commotion. Money had only followed Xiang Shaoyun for less than 10 years, yet he had become a Demon Sovereign. One could say that meeting Xiang Shaoyun was his biggest fortuitous encounter.

After successfully breaking through into the Demon Sovereign realm, Money did not return to Xiang Shaoyun's body. Rather, he stayed not far away and stood guard. 

Xiang Shaoyun took three whole months to fully refined the starfall lightning energy. During the three months, he felt like he had died over and over again.

Although the starfall lightning energy had weakened greatly after years of being sealed, it was still extremely powerful and too strong for him. After absorbing all the energy into his lightning star and lightning bone, his lightning cultivation reached the completion stage. Without the other powers shackling him, he could have broken through straight into the next realm.

Surviving this ordeal had granted him immense benefits. His skin, meridians, organs, and bones had been tempered repeatedly, destroyed and reformed again and again, greatly strengthening them. Those parts were filled with life force, were extremely tough, and were immune to the elements and all weapons. They had become imaginably tough.

Xiang Shaoyun's meridians had greatly expanded, allowing the circulation of an abundant amount of energy and the acceleration of his energy circulation. He could now unleash a larger amount of energy faster than before, and it gave him an incredible advantage in battle.

His organs were akin to suns of blood. They were filled with an abundant life force that supplied his entire body with boundless vitality. The vitality allowed his body to stay strong at all times, and it extended his lifespan and invigorated his mental fortitude. To properly display one's strength, a healthy body was required. This applied to all cultivators.

All of Xiang Shaoyun's bones had turned into a deep purple color. His silver lightning energy had fused with the starfall lightning energy, signifying that he had formed a complete lightning bone physique, the same physique his previous life, Xiang Dingtian, possessed.

This was a super physique that generally only belonged to one who cultivated lightning power. However, Xiang Shaoyun was cultivating nine powers. Because of that, his physique wasn't exactly pure. If all nine of his stars were used to cultivate the power of lightning, he would be able to unleash the exceptional power of an innate lightning physique that could contend against numerous top-tier physiques.

Unfortunately, it was already too late for him to change his path of cultivation. He could only proceed forward on his path of nine powers cultivation. Perhaps he could reach an even scarier height following this path.

The bountiful starfall lightning energy had been stored in his lightning star and lightning bone. His bearing changed, and he looked like the son of lightning, with electricity dancing all over his body. It made him look oppressive and overbearing. 

Abruptly, lightning bolts formed in the sky and rained down on him. He opened his eyes and charged into the lightning bolts, revealing a sharp gaze.

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