Chapter 1087: Yao Qian Wakes Up

After spending some time observing Yao Qian, Xiang Shaoyun could confirm that his conclusion about her was right. As Yao Qian was merging with her own soul, she did not react tensely. Instead, she remained relatively calm. Her life force continued growing, reaching a point where her rich vitality couldn't be hidden anymore.

Her soul power also reached an impressive level, as though it had reached a level comparable to a Sovereign or even someone beyond that realm. The discovery greatly astonished Xiang Shaoyun.

Yao Qian's cultivation level was low as she was only at the Transformation Realm, yet she possessed such a terrifying soul power. It was simply in defiance of the natural order.

At this time, Old Yao asked anxiously, "Young master, how is Little Qian?"

Xiang Shaoyun opened his eyes and said, "Don't worry, Grandpa Yao. Little Qian is fine. I believe she will wake up soon."

"Is that true? That's great news!" said Old Yao, as joyful as a child who had just been given candy.

Xiang Shaoyun's heart warmed when he saw the smile on Old Yao's face. Old Yao cared deeply for Yao Qian. Otherwise, he wouldn't have worked so hard to extend her life all these years, and he wouldn't have remained by Di Batian's side even after the rebellion. This was the strong love a grandfather had for his granddaughter, the kind of love not everyone could feel.

In the past, Xiang Shaoyun wouldn't have understood this feeling well. But as his life experience grew, he learned of how precious one's loved ones were, especially when he thought of his father.

During his childhood, his father had pampered him greatly. He was allowed to do everything he wished. His father's love for him was no less than the love Old Yao had for his granddaughter. If Xiang Shaoyun's father learned of the sufferings he had gone through the years, his father would probably tear Di Batian into pieces in anger.

Father, are you living well? asked Xiang Shaoyun inwardly with a sigh.

Now that he knew his father was still alive, he could no longer keep calm. He couldn't wait to reunite with his father again. And the only thing he wanted out of the reunion was to see if his father had grown stronger or better looking.

In his memories, his father wasn't exactly a kind and honorable person. Otherwise, he wouldn't have grown into such a useless young master during his childhood. 

Xiang Shaoyun and Old Yao stayed near Yao Qian's room, both waiting for her to wake up.

They spent a day and a night waiting before the soul power finally calmed. The three souls had probably completed their fusion. Old Yao's anxiousness had reached the breaking point. Xiang Shaoyun never shifted his focus from Yao Qian and only heaved a breath of relief after he was sure that her three souls had truly merged.

And when her completed soul returned to her body, she woke up. A sharp radiance rippled from her eyes, something that should never come from a frail young lady like her. The sharp radiance only appeared for a split second, and not even Xiang Shaoyun noticed it.

Inwardly, Yao Qian muttered, I survived. It hasn’t been easy.

This person was still Yao Qian, but she was no longer the same Yao Qian.

She sat up on the bed. Even with the door shut, she could sense Old Yao and Xiang Shaoyun outside. Her rosy lips moved as she spoke, "Grandpa, young master, please come in."

Her senses had reached an extraordinary level, and she did not intend to hide it from Old Yao and Xiang Shaoyun.

"Grandpa Yao, Little Qian is awake. Let's go in," said Xiang Shaoyun.

After recovering from his shock, Old Yao said, "Good, good. I really want to know what she experienced during these days.".

The two entered the room together. Yao Qian greeted them. Her face was rosy, her skin was tender, and her temperament was ethereal. It almost felt like she had become younger, looking like she was 18, at the peak of her youthfulness. Even Xiang Shaoyun was momentarily mesmerized when he laid eyes on her.

"How are you, Little Qian? Do you feel unwell anywhere?" asked Old Yao in a caring manner.

Yao Qian came beside Old Yao, held his hand, and said, "It has been hard on you, Grandpa. I am fine now. In fact, my soul feels much stronger now. If I start cultivating now, I can probably grow rapidly."

"Great, great. So long as you're healthy, you can do anything you want," said Old Yao in excitement.

"You're the best, Grandpa," said Yao Qian as she kissed him on his face.

Her personality had turned much more cheerful than before with her illness gone.

"Hehe, this is all thanks to the young master's saint soul fruit. Without you, it's likely we would have already been separated by life and death. We need to thank you, young master," said Old Yao as he tried kneeling to him with Yao Qian.

Their kneeling gave Xiang Shaoyun a fright. He hurriedly stopped them and said, "Grandpa Yao, Little Qian, don't be like this. One of you is my grandpa, and the other is my little sister. You are both family. Don't be too courteous."

"From now onward, my life is yours," declared Old Yao solemnly.

"And I'll be your maid. Is that fine, young master?" asked Yao Qian with a naughty look on her face.

"You're making this way too big of a deal," said Xiang Shaoyun somewhat awkwardly. "Since it's a good day today, I'll call Little Mu and third uncle over for a celebration. Let us wish Little Qian a long life and eternal youth."

"Yes, this is worth a celebration," Old Yao agreed.

Yao Qian naturally wouldn't object. She had a wide smile on her face as she thought, This feels amazing.

A small celebration was thus held. The few women of Xiang Shaoyun's naturally attended. Pang Tongyuan and a few others who were close with them were present as well. 

Yao Qian still looked as delicate as ever. With some slight makeup, her beauty became comparable to Ye Chaomu, Tuoba Wan'er, and Gong Qinyin.

Yao Qian and Ye Chaomu already knew each other, but they were never close. However, they could quickly get familiar with each other. With Ye Chaomu's help, Yao Qian had cheerful conversations with the other two women as well. Before long, they referred to each other as sisters.

Xiang Shaoyun was happy with the celebration. It helped improve the bond between those around him, and he no longer needed to worry that trouble would brew at home while he was busy outside.

Finally, the celebration ended, and everyone left. Xiang Shaoyun called Yao Qian to the side to talk to her. Others might be unclear as to her actual condition, but Xiang Shaoyun knew very well. He could only be assured after more confirmation.

"Young master, thank you for today," thanked Yao Qian sincerely.

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