Chapter 1084: Battling the Eighteen Knights

After Ma Xiaoshi shouted, two of his 18 knights rode out and charged Xiang Shaoyun. The 18 knights were the Ma Clan's elites. Each of them was a Sovereign. The two riding out joined hands and unleashed a destructive attack toward Xiang Shaoyun. They attacked mercilessly, trying to kill Xiang Shaoyun while he was still being arrogantly careless without giving him a chance to bounce back.

Everyone paid full attention to the clash, trying to see if Xiang Shaoyun could actually survive or prevail over two Sovereigns. 

Facing the fierce attack, Xiang Shaoyun showed no fear. He tightened his glove before casually throwing a punch at the two.

Xiang Shaoyun attacked swiftly. All everyone saw was a flash before two bolts of lightning shot toward the two knights like two roaring dragons. A loud explosion erupted, creating a massive cloud of dust, and the two knights were sent flying. Xiang Shaoyun had easily crushed their joint attack.

Instead of pushing on, Xiang Shaoyun beckoned to Ma Xiaoshi and Qing Jiancheng and said, "You two were the loudest ones earlier. I am giving you a chance to attack together now. If you don't grab this opportunity, you will no longer have the chance to attack."

Ma Xiaoshi was aware of the concept that an arrow that had been let loose couldn't be recalled, so he raised his golden spear and roared, "Knights, get into formation and eliminate our enemy!"

With him at the center, all the knights gathered around him. Powerful Sovereign energies shrouded them, turning them into iron buckets as they charged Xiang Shaoyun with a terrifying group attack.

The attacking Sovereigns had frequently trained together and had excellent teamwork. Thus, they could unleash great destruction when working together. Not even a peak Sovereign could hope to break free of their encirclement, much less Xiang Shaoyun, who wasn't even a peak Sovereign.

Even in such a situation, Xiang Shaoyun did not use his Nether Soul Domain and his saint weapons. He was confident he could defeat the knights with his own strength. His eyes blazed with a bright radiance as he swept his senses over his attackers, seeing through every single opening in their attacks.

Havoc Dance!

Enemy Sealing!

Using some seemingly disorderly techniques, Xiang Shaoyun threw attacks in multiple directions. His seemingly chaotic attacks were actually extremely ingenious, and he broke through two weak points. He charged through them to two knights. The two were sealed before they could activate their attacks, instantly throwing the entire formation into chaos.

Lightning Slash From The Clear Sky!

Xiang Shaoyun had no intention of underestimating his enemies. He drew the Overlord Skyslaying Saber and madly slashed at the two, unleashing a massive amount of destructive lightning. The lightning pervaded the area, making guarding against it an extremely difficult task.

The two released their soul foundations and defended with all their strength, but they failed miserably and were sent flying and coughing blood. If the other knights hadn't helped them in time, they would have died.

Xiang Shaoyun did not get greedy and overstretch himself. Instead of pushing toward the two, he activated the Six Goldplate Manual and erected a strong defense around his body. He then turned around to attack the other knights.

These knights weren't exactly useless outside of their formation. Each had a powerful soul foundation and incredible combat prowess. With all of them attacking together, they unleashed great destruction upon their surroundings.

If it wasn't for the formations protecting the area, the square would have been destroyed the moment the battle started. From how destructive their attacks were, it was obvious the Ma Clan was here today with their clan experts to create trouble at the Ziling Sect.

Unfortunately, they were facing Xiang Shaoyun, who excelled at fighting multiple enemies. Their attacks might be powerful, but Xiang Shaoyun was akin to a slippery eel that constantly avoided their attacks and attacked them from their weak points.

Xiang Shaoyun had a clear goal. He picked out the easier targets to finish them off. Today, he had to establish his dominance, or these subordinate organizations would not submit.

After avoiding the pincer attack of three knights, he rushed toward a third-stage Sovereign and swung his saber at the Sovereign and his mount. Before the Sovereign and his mount could react, they were slashed into two; their blood splattered everywhere.

As Xiang Shaoyun slashed the two, the others approached from behind to attack him, but he moved away using the Phantom Shift and avoided their attacks. He reappeared beside a different person and slammed his elbow into that person's face.

The person wasn't able to react. A depression was left on his face, and blood spurted out. As for his mount, it was greatly startled. It sprawled on the ground from sheer fear. 

Two weapons arrived from behind Xiang Shaoyun, and he wasn't able to avoid them in time. The two attackers thought that they could finally kill Xiang Shaoyun, but they discovered with dismay that they couldn't even get through his defensive barrier.

White tiger energy!

Abruptly, a terrifying vicious gold energy erupted from Xiang Shaoyun's body. He transformed into a white tiger and pounced on the two attackers.

They hurriedly blocked and mustered all the power of their soul foundations, but Xiang Shaoyun also released his soul foundation. He instantly overwhelmed their soul foundations, causing their aura to weaken, completely reducing their threat. 

The situation was reversed, and the two were the ones currently feeling an intense sense of danger.

The white tiger energy merged with the flux goldthorn energy and swarmed the two, crushing through their defenses like paper and leaving numerous wounds on their bodies.

"Die, kid!" Ma Xiaoshi finally attacked. He had been waiting for an opportunity in silence, and he had finally found one.

His entire body radiated a dazzling golden radiance.  The phantom of a golden horse rushed out of his spear, and his nine-layered soul foundation emanated a powerful pressure that crushed down on Xiang Shaoyun.

Horse Trampling the World!

As Ma Xiaoshi took a step forward, all his gathered power rushed forth, creating a stampede of horses and spears heading toward Xiang Shaoyun.

This was the might of a peak Sovereign, someone with the might to destroy more than 10 mountains at the same time.

The Ziling Sect people all hid to the very edge of the square. Everyone was locked in the square by the formations, so they were forced to erect their own defenses to protect themselves from the shockwaves. The Sovereigns were in charge of protecting the weaker ones from being injured.

While Ma Xiaoshi attacked, Qing Jiancheng also attacked with all his strength. He aimed to join hands with Ma Xiaoshi and finish off Xiang Shaoyun.

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