Chapter 1083: Stubborn

When the Ziling Sect people saw how much disrespect their subordinate organizations were showing and how Xiang Shaoyun was facing them with a smile on his face, they felt extremely gloomy. Of course, some of the smarter ones thought of the possibility that this whole thing was a big trap.

Xiang Shaoyun waved his hand and said, "Alright, since everyone is done speaking, let me finish what I have to say. You may all express your opinions after that. Is that fine?"

Xiang Shaoyun behaved timidly, as though he was really afraid that the many organizations would join hands against the sect. In fact, some of the subordinate organizations already regretted attending this assembly. How could a young master like this take on any sort of responsibility?

They couldn't understand how Di Batian and his Di Sect were destroyed. Perhaps Xiang Shaoyun was actually a puppet for someone else? In short, everyone now had a bad impression of this young master. 

Xiang Shaoyun continued his speech nonchalantly. The subordinate organizations grew restless. They stopped listening and started whispering among themselves.

This was especially true for Qing Jiancheng and Ma Xiaoshi. They completely ignored the speech. One had his legs on the table and was picking his ears, the other had his head raised high as he dug his nose and spoke loudly like he owned the place. Everyone saw what the two were doing, but nobody dared to flare up. Since the young master could endure this, why couldn't they?

Xiang Shaoyun continued speaking indifferently, "Moving forward, I hope everyone can continue supporting the Ziling Sect. Together, we can help Ziling Sect become a tier-8 organization or higher—" 

"Brother, this is quite a dull assembly. Why don't we find a place to drink and talk about life? That would be much more enjoyable," suggested Ma Xiaoshi to Qing Jiancheng loudly.

He was being incredibly rude, interrupting Xiang Shaoyun once again.

"Sure, sure, drinking and having fun with some girls. This is how life is supposed to be. It is much better than wasting time listening to some boy rambling on and on," said Qing Jiancheng.

Next, the two stood up to leave without a care. If Xiang Shaoyun had displayed a somewhat unyielding stance at the start, they might fear him a bit. But the more timid Xiang Shaoyun seemed, the weaker he seemed to them. They concluded that he had no trump cards that they needed to fear. In any case, their reinforcements were waiting around them. The moment something happened, their people would rush in to help them escape.

Just as they were about to leave, the smile on Xiang Shaoyun's face finally faded. He looked at the two and asked, "Are you two really leaving?"

"Isn't that obvious? Do we look like we're joking?" answered Ma Xiaoshi haughtily.

"Let's go. What's the point of talking to him? It's pointless," said Qing Jiancheng. He also called out to the others, "Everyone, if you are interested in grabbing some drinks and having fun with some girls, feel free to come. Don't miss this chance to have the time of your life."

At his invitation, someone hesitated a bit before standing up and saying, "This assembly is truly getting somewhat boring. I'll come to have some fun."

With someone taking the lead, others followed suit. These were the leaders of organizations, and their action signified that several organizations under the sect were displaying the intention to revolt.

Of course, if they all formed an alliance, they would indeed be powerful enough to stand against the Ziling Sect. 

Ma Xiaoshi and Qing Jiancheng were pleased with the response. They took the lead and prepared to leave.

Xiang Shaoyun watched on coldly. When they were about to leave the square, he waved his hand and said, "Activate the formation."

At his command, several formations activated around the square, instantly surrounding the square with a barrier of light. The expressions of Ma Xiaoshi and Qing Jiancheng turned cautious as they sensed that a conflict was finally happening.

"What is the meaning of this? Are you trying to confine us here?" questioned Ma Xiaoshi.

"We're only being polite when we call you the young master. To put it bluntly, you're just a boy still reeking of milk. If you dare to provoke us, we will flatten your Ziling Sect," threatened Qing Jiancheng.

Since things had escalated to this extent, there was no point for him to continue acting. He might as well put on a full show of force.

"Hehe, I knew you were a disloyal bunch. I wanted to have a proper talk with all of you and let you continue following me so you can get the chance to witness my brilliance. Unfortunately, you refuse to treasure this opportunity. Since that is the case, all of you should just pass on to the afterlife. I will be sure to visit your organizations after this," said Xiang Shaoyun as cold killing intent burst out of his body.

"Young master, let me go take all their heads," volunteered Devouring Ghost.

Xiang Shaoyun waved his hand and said, "No. I will personally make a move and show everyone just what this young master is capable of and let them decide for themselves if this young master is worth following."

He stood up and took off his cloak. With a nonchalant smile, he gazed at Ma Xiaoshi and Qing Jiancheng as he slowly walked toward them.

"You really think we're pushovers? Don't do something you will regret," said Qing Jiancheng, narrowing his eyes.

He heightened his senses and constantly searched his surroundings for the existence of any experts. He was fully ready to deal with any changes that might happen.

"That's right. Young master, if you withdraw the formations, we will be willing to talk this out. If you remain stubborn, don't blame us for showing no mercy," said Ma Xiaoshi.

The two groups had converged, prepared to fight at any moment. As for the people who had echoed Ma Xiaoshi's and Qing Jiancheng's words, their expressions were complicated. They shut their mouths and decided to keep observing before doing anything.

"I will give you two choices. One, submit to the Ziling Sect and serve me. Two, die," said Xiang Shaoyun sternly.

"We have a third choice," said Ma Xiaoshi loudly.

"That's right. Our third choice is to get rid of this kid and destroy the Ziling Sect," said Qing Jiancheng with a ruthless glint in his eyes.

"Stubborn," said Xiang Shaoyun with a sigh as he continued walking toward them.

As he walked over, the people in his way stepped back to give him enough space to do what he needed to do.

"The young master will be victorious!" Pang Tongyuan's hoarse voice suddenly rang out.

Old Yao and the others also shouted in unison, "The young master will be victorious! The young master will be victorious!"

The Ziling Sect people shouted together, forming an imposing presence that converged on Xiang Shaoyun, a presence that caused Ma Xiaoshi and Qing Jiancheng to feel fear.

"I repeat. Those who submit will be spared," roared Xiang Shaoyun as his aura surged.

"Submit your mother. Kill him!" replied Ma Xiaoshi unyieldingly.

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