Chapter 1081: Revolt

Before Old Yao could say anything, Pang Tongyuan said, "If I'm right, they are from Zhuma City. Only they have such powerful demonic horses. They have always viewed demonic horses as the best companion, and each of them must have a demonic horse. Additionally, the Zhuma City is the largest horse dealer in the Celestial King Province."

"That's right. They are from Zhuma City. They are actually brazenly rushing over on their horses. Looks like they are here to cause trouble," said Old Yao sternly.

"There is no need for us to rush. Let's see what they're going to do," said Xiang Shaoyun with a toying look on his face.

From afar, a total of 18 horses rushed over. Each horse was a powerful demonic horse, and the group's morale seemed to be high. The group leader was a middle-aged man in a golden robe, and he wore a golden crown and had a golden scepter in his hand. He looked like a monarch, his head held high with pride. Around him were 17 mounted soldiers clad in armor, looking like valiant soldiers prepared for war.

"You dare intrude upon the Ziling Sect without permission? Who are you? Get off your horses," berated a Ziling Sect member.

"We are the 18 knights of Zhuma City's Ma Clan. What are you waiting for? Get out of the way. We are here to attend the assembly," shouted the middle-aged man.

From how he was behaving, he was clearly viewing the Ziling Sect with disregard.

"Since you're here for the assembly, get off your horses. Are you challenging the sect?" said the Ziling Sect member.

"Hehe, we of the Ma Clan have been riding for generations. None of us will separate from our horses. You want us to get off? Impossible!" declared the middle-aged man proudly.

The middle-aged man was a late-stage Sovereign from the Ma Clan. His name was Ma Xiaoshi, and he was a popular candidate for the position of the next Ma Clan patriarch.

"I don't care. Disrespect is not acceptable," berated the Ziling Sect member. Once he spoke, about 30 Emperors rose up, and a standoff was formed between them and the Ma Clan people. 

The confrontation gathered everyone's attention. They all wanted to see if the Ma Clan was truly courageous enough to challenge the Ziling Sect.

"Haha, since we are not welcomed here, we might as well leave," said Ma Xiaoshi as he roared with laughter. He then spun around to leave with his people.

At this time, a different group appeared from a different direction. They were all dressed in green, and each had a sword hanging on his back. They were seated atop a war chariot pulled by six Demon Emperor green cranes. Like the Ma Clan's group, they remained in the air, showing no intention of proceeding on foot.

"Qingxiu Manor's deputy manor master, Qing Jiancheng is here to observe the assembly," lazily announced a white-haired old man on the chariot.

The old man had a slim face that looked more a monkey's. He had a pair of sharp snake-like eyes that few would dare to look straight at, and two locks of white hair drifted about from his head, giving him a carefree and contented look.

"Since you're here to attend the assembly, why are you not getting off your chariot?" asked a different Ziling Sect member.

Qing Jiancheng stroked his white beard and sneered, asking, "Why should we? Don't tell me your Ziling Sect doesn't even have enough space to fit a chariot? Isn't that too embarrassing?"

"What is the meaning of this? Are you going against the Ziling Sect's rules?" berated the Ziling Sect member.

"Rules are made by man. Since you have invited us here, you should display some generosity. Why are you bickering with us over these small issues?" said Qing Jiancheng with a smile.

His lack of respect for the Ziling Sect was clear for all to see.

Ma Xiaoshi greeted Qing Jiancheng and said, "Big Brother Jiancheng, we are obviously not welcome here. We should just leave and stop wasting our time here."

"True, this is no longer the same Ziling Sect," said Qing Jiancheng with a toying expression.

His words caused the Ziling Sect people to blank out slightly, and odd expressions surfaced on the faces of the people from the various organizations.

It was common knowledge that this was no longer the same Ziling Sect, but none of them had dared to actually say it so far. Qing Jiancheng saying it made it very clear that they were intending to revolt. The various organizations present were unaware of their source of confidence. Although this was no longer the same Ziling Sect, they were the same people who had defeated Di Batian, proving that they had Heaven Battling Realm experts.

That was the reason why they had all rushed over to attend the assembly. They wouldn't have wasted their time otherwise. Now that Zhuma City's Ma Clan and Qingxiu City's Qingxiu Manor were trying to create trouble for the Ziling Sect, they all wanted to see how the Ziling Sect would deal with the two tier-6 organizations.

"Is the Qingxiu Manor going to rebel?" shouted a Ziling Sect member.

The nearby Ziling Sect members rushed over. After undergoing the bitter training under Devouring Ghost, they had all been taught a harsh lesson on the consequences of disloyalty. If they were to slack in their job, Devouring Ghost would definitely skin them alive.

Devouring Ghost was currently their major commander, and he was personally present at the square. His blood demon clone alone was enough to stand guard for Duo Ji.

"You're making this a way bigger deal than it is. Since when have we rebelled?" questioned Qing Jiancheng.

Ma Xiaoshi said, "That's right. We aren't even part of the Ziling Sect, so how are we even rebelling? We have always been nothing more than allies."

"Hehe, allies? You wish. You are probably tired of being your master's dog and are intending to bite your own master," said Devouring Ghost as he stepped out of the crowd with a cold sneer on his face.

Devouring Ghost had a young appearance, and although he looked somewhat imposing, he did not look special in the eyes of Qing Jiancheng and Ma Xiaoshi.

"Are there no other people in the Ziling Sect? Why is this trash speaking to us?" questioned Qing Jiancheng with disdain.

Ma Xiaoshi said, "Let's go. This is really not the same Ziling Sect anymore."

The two groups turned around, preparing to leave. The Ziling Sect members surrounded them, but due to a lack of Sovereigns, it didn't seem possible that they could stop the two groups from leaving.

Devouring Ghost was infuriated. Thick killing intent erupted from his body, and he roared, "Since you're here to court death, I'll fulfill your wish."

Just as Devouring Ghost was about to attack, Xiang Shaoyun's voice rang out, "Do not be rude, Devouring Ghost. Any visitor is a guest. Allow them to enter."

He was flying over with Pang Tongyuan and Old Yao. He was supposed to arrive in a big sedan, but he had changed his mind. He wanted to have a game with these people, and he wanted to see the source of their confidence for why they showed the sect such disrespect.

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