Chapter 1080: Before Sorting General Assembly

Ye Chaomu clenched her fists and said, "Ok! I will definitely persuade him to leave his Wuxie Valley. What's so good about that shitty place? Our Ziling Sect is not bad as well."

She was right, as in the Ziling Sect was an amazing place. The place was filled with mountains and water, the environment graceful, and the spiritual energy in the air dense. This place was more than enough to fulfill all requirements a tier-7 organization could have.

Xiang Shaoyun smiled and said, "We'll see how persuasive you are, then. In short, you will return to Wuxie Valley after the Sorting General Assembly and talk to Lord Wu Xie. It doesn't matter if he's unwilling to come. You should probably focus on getting him to let you leave. You will always be welcomed here."

"That's more like it," said Ye Chaomu, pleased with Xiang Shaoyun's words. She jumped onto him affectionately, causing him to feel somewhat embarrassed.

To the side, Tuoba Wan'er felt somewhat awkward watching them. She was reserved and wasn't used to seeing someone as lively as Ye Chaomu.

"Stop messing around. Wan'er is still here," said Xiang Shaoyun as he gently patted Ye Chaomu's back. He then continued talking with the two about recruitment.

He urgently needed to recruit people, and he wished to listen to their thoughts about it, hoping that they could give him some ideas he hadn't thought of. Although he had the Light of Wisdom, there were still things he wasn't familiar with. Having the Light of Wisdom did not mean he was omniscient.

The two gave him their opinions. Ye Chaomu suggested that they publicize their recruitment process and promise good benefits and positions to entice more experts, which was the most commonly used method.

Tuoba Wan'er suggested that they hold a selection among the Ziling Sect's subordinate organizations during the Sorting General Assembly. That way, not only could they strengthen the sect, but they could also improve their relationship with their subordinate organizations. It would also keep the subordinate organizations busy competing with each other.

Her idea wasn't exactly groundbreaking, but Xiang Shaoyun liked it. The sect had recruited people from their subordinate organizations in the past, and that practice had probably continued until now. It would probably help all parties if they recruited even more members from their subordinate organizations.

After all, the sect currently lacked manpower, while their subordinate organizations lacked a strong backer. They could form a symbiotic relationship through recruitment. Of course, someone reliable would be required to manage the new recruits to ensure loyalty.

Xiang Shaoyun decided to let Du Xuanhao and Han Pojun take charge of the recruitment. The two were extremely close to each other, and the only thing missing from their friendship was probably some sort of joint technique. At the thought of Han Pojun, Xiang Shaoyun considered pulling the Han Clan into the fold as well.

As a tier-5 organization, the Han Clan definitely had a decent foundation. If they were willing to join the Ziling Sect, Xiang Shaoyun would definitely support their development greatly. 

In a flash, several days passed, and the Sorting General Assembly was about to begin.

For this Sorting General Assembly, all the organizations within the Ziling Sect's sphere of influence were gathered and notified about the Di Sect's destruction. From now on, the sect would once again be known as the Ziling Sect, and they would closely observe the other organizations' reactions. Any display of disloyalty would be immediately suppressed, and those willing to submit could carry on with what they had been doing.

A total of 18 cities fell under the Ziling Sect's jurisdiction, with 33 organizations in all the cities. Two were tier-6 organizations, six were tier-5 organizations, and the rest were tier-4 and tier-3 organizations. Organizations of lower tiers weren't even qualified to be included.

In fact, these organizations all existed independently but simultaneously relied on the Ziling Sect. They were required to pay tribute each year to maintain the relationship. If anything happened to them, the Ziling Sect would be able to interfere with the status of a supervisor. On the other hand, the organizations were not qualified to interfere in anything related to the Ziling Sect.

This was an obvious master-subordinate relationship. The two tier-6 organizations were respectively Zhuma City's Ma Clan and Qingxiu City's Qingxiu Manor. Although the two organizations did not have any Heaven Battling Realm experts, they had many Sovereigns and Emperors in their ranks. One could say they had strong foundations. If either of them obtained two or three Saints in their ranks, they could probably immediately surpass the Ziling Sect.

The six tier-5 organizations were the administrators of the various main cities, and the other smaller organizations were based in the smaller cities that had a harder time developing themselves.

Invitations had been extended to all 33 organizations for their leaders to attend the Sorting General Assembly. Any absence would be construed as disrespect toward the Ziling Sect. Thus, all the organizations had to take the invitations seriously.

The Sorting General Assembly began, and the Ziling Sect had finished their preparations to welcome the visitors from the various organizations. Regardless of the recent happenings, the Ziling Sect had to showcase the might of a tier-7 organization to ensure their subordinate organizations' continued obedience.

On the extensive martial square, hundreds of Ziling Sect members were lined up in an orderly manner. Some were drumming, some were blowing horns, and some were demonstrating their battle techniques.

This was a show that they had to act out regardless of their current condition. Otherwise, they might be belittled by their subordinate organizations. The Ziling Sect overseers in charge of taking attendance were constantly announcing the arrivals of the various organizations.

"Whitestone City's Shi Clan patriarch is here."

"Loch Cave master is here."

"Gangpin City's Gang Clan's first elder and the Third Conduct Academy's principal are here."


Every visitor had to proceed on foot upon arrival. Remaining on their mounts or staying in the air would be viewed as an act of disrespect. A majority of them proceeded obediently, not daring to challenge the Ziling Sect's dignity.

After all, a frail camel would still be bigger than a horse. Although the Ziling Sect had just gone through a war, they were still far stronger than these organizations. They only needed a single Saint to crush any of them.

As more and more people arrived, the place became bustling with noise and activity. On the main peak, Xiang Shaoyun was looking in the direction of the square. As the sect's young master, he could not show himself before everyone else had arrived. Waiting until afterward was a way of displaying his sect's imposing status.

"Young master, it will be your turn to show yourself soon. Most of them have arrived," reminded Old Yao.

"Um. Let's get ready," said Xiang Shaoyun.

Just as he was about to get on a sedan chair carried by eight Emperors, he sensed something. Eyes narrowed, he immediately stared in a certain direction.

A group of people appeared in the distance. They stayed in the air, and it was clear they came with ill intentions. Otherwise, they wouldn't have arrived in such a provocative manner.

"Grandpa Yao, who are those people? They are incredibly audacious," asked Xiang Shaoyun as he pointed at the newcomers.

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