Chapter 1077: Help You Reach Heaven Battling Realm

"Of course it won't be that easy, but at the very least, I can increase his chances of success," said Xiang Shaoyun.

He still had some saint soul pills left, so he could give Duo Ji one. With the pill, Duo Ji could form a saint-grade soul. That way, he would have a much greater chance of success when attempting to break through. Additionally, the turtle and toad were also peak Demon Sovereigns. However, they still lacked the opportunity to take that final step into the next realm.

Now, Xiang Shaoyun remembered that he could give the very opportunity those two were looking for. The gold lunar liquid he had would allow them to enhance their bloodlines. With the liquid and some saint-grade demonic cores, they would probably be able to enter the next realm.

He immediately acted on his thoughts. After telling Xia Liuhui to return to the Sacred Deer Academy once again, he left. Xia Liuhui knew that Xiang Shaoyun was merely trying to send him away for his safety, and that gesture touched him. However, he did not want to leave so easily. After all, there were still quite a lot of girls in the Ziling Sect.

Xiang Shaoyun had something else to do for now. He first went looking for Duo Ji, trying to check on Duo Ji's current condition. During the month, Duo Ji had been busy with the sect's reconstruction. He had not gotten any chance to rest. One could see just how deeply he cared for the Ziling Sect.

Duo Ji could be seen throwing orders to a group of people. "Move faster. We need to finish this tomorrow. In a few days, the sect's general assembly will be held. If you can't finish your job well, you can consider packing your bags." 

Most of the heavy work had been dealt with, and only some menial tasks were left. However, Duo Ji still did everything personally, and Xiang Shaoyun was touched to see his dedication.

"Old drunkard, you don't need to do everything yourself," said Xiang Shaoyun.

Duo Ji turned and looked at Xiang Shaoyun before saying, "Young master, these people will slack off without anyone pushing them. The Sorting General Assembly will start in a few days. We can't be sloppy about it."

The so-called Sorting General Assembly was an event where all organizations within all cities under the Ziling Sect's sphere of power were gathered. During the assembly, the sect would show its power and deter these organizations, ensuring that they would remain loyal and continue offering the sect tributes.

If any organization refused to submit, they would probably have to suppress the organization by force.

"Old drunkard, have someone else do it. I have something I need to talk to you about," said Xiang Shaoyun. He took out the saint soul pill and continued, "This is a saint soul pill. With this, you will be able to form a saint soul. Will it be enough to bring you into the Heaven Battling Realm?"

Duo Ji shivered and asked, "Is this the saint soul pill Old Yao refined a month ago?"

"That's right. He managed to refine a few of them. I still have two on me, so I'm giving you one to help you reach the Heaven Battling Realm. Otherwise, it will look really bad on us if we don't have a single Saint in the sect," said Xiang Shaoyun solemnly.

Duo Ji swallowed and said, "In the past, I wasn't confident that I could take that step even with this saint soul pill. But the lifebone flower you gave me has already helped me regrow my arm. I am at my peak condition. Furthermore, I have been in the Sovereign Realm for many years, so I have already accumulated enough strength. With this pill, I will probably have about a 30 or 40 percent chance of succeeding."

"Only 30 or 40 percent?" Xiang Shaoyun frowned. That still felt too low for him.

"My dearest young master, from the dawn of time, entering the Heaven Battling Realm has always been extremely hard. This is an act of defying the heavens. One needs to form a saint body and saint soul, going through a complete transformation. One will face extremely difficult trials. Generally, a Sovereign will only have about a 20 percent chance of succeeding. Many have died trying. I am already very optimistic by saying 30 or 40 percent thanks to the saint soul pill," explained Duo Ji. "Of course, if you have other saint herbs and saint crystals, I might be able to further increase my chances."

"I wish I did, but unfortunately, I really don't have more," said Xiang Shaoyun with a shrug. "I do have some saint crystals, but they're of specific energies and are not suited for you. Go and work on your breakthrough. Do not fail. It will be too embarrassing for our sect to not have a single Saint of our own."

Duo Ji hesitated. "But breaking through will also take some time. The Sorting General Assembly is starting soon." 

"Stop wasting time. Just go into seclusion, and don't leave before you're a Saint. Your presence won't mean much during the Sorting General Assembly," said Xiang Shaoyun.

He could deal with the Sorting General Assembly by himself, but the sect wouldn't last long without a Heaven Battling Realm expert.

"Fine. I'll go look for a place and enter seclusion. It will be better if I can get someone to stand guard for me as well. That way, I won't be disturbed," said Duo Ji.

"You sure have a lot of demands. Fine, have Devouring Ghost stand guard for you," said Xiang Shaoyun after giving it some thought.

"Sure. In any case, he has a powerful clone," said Duo Ji.

Next, Duo Ji went looking for a place to concentrate on his breakthrough while Xiang Shaoyun sent Devouring Ghost to stand guard for him. He also told Devouring Ghost to give Duo Ji some pointers about breaking through into the Heaven Battling Realm, helping reduce Duo Ji's potential mistakes during the attempt.

Devouring Ghost accepted the order. He was once a peak Heaven Battling Realm expert, so sharing some of his experiences with Duo Ji was not a problem. 

Xiang Shaoyun then went looking for the turtle and the toad. The two had been stationed at the main peak to serve as peak guardians. With them, no regular person would dare create trouble unless they were tired of living.

"Come with me," said Xiang Shaoyun when he found the two who were slacking off.

After leaving the secret space, the two had greatly expanded their horizons. However, they missed their old lair more. The environment out here felt rather uncomfortable for them.

After bringing them somewhere, Xiang Shaoyun took out two bottles containing gold lunar liquid. He said to the two, "This is gold lunar liquid. Can you become Demon Saints with it?"

They grew wildly excited at the mention of gold lunar liquid.

"W-With this gold lunar liquid, I can definitely become a Demon Saint!" the turtle promised.

"I can become a Demon Saint, too. Let me have all the liquid, young master," said the toad.

"Are you confident you can become Demon Saints? You're aware of the consequences of lying to me, right?" warned Xiang Shaoyun solemnly.

In the past, he would fear them. But with his soul clone's increase in strength, he no longer feared them. In fact, he could even kill them with his saint weapon if he wanted.

The turtle said with a reserved tone, "How can it be so easy to become a Saint? The gold lunar liquid can only strengthen our bloodline power. It isn't really that helpful in terms of overall strength."

"That's right. If you can give us like 10 more years, we will definitely be able to break through," said the toad.

Xiang Shaoyun frowned and said, "What's the point of giving you the gold lunar liquid then?"

"The gold lunar liquid is still very useful. Without it, we will probably need 30 or even 50 years to take that step," said the turtle.

"That's right. By upgrading our bloodlines, we will also be able to reach a higher level in the future," said the toad.

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