Chapter 1076: Conquer

Xiang Shaoyun decided to swallow a saint soul pill, but he didn't consume it immediately. After all, he still had a lot of things to take care of. Since he had regained the Ziling Sect, he naturally had to get the sect running once again instead of letting the sect's name remain unknown. But beforehand, he needed to first get his household in order. If he couldn't even handle his household, how could he hope to handle a large sect?

When he returned to the rear court, he was welcomed with the sight of Ye Chaomu and the two women chatting away cheerfully. Xiang Shaoyun was somewhat astonished. A pleased smile formed on his face. Since they weren't bickering, it meant that everything had calmed.

"Big brother, you're back? I'm going to take a rest. Sisters, don't miss your chance," said Ye Chaomu with a naughty wink before leaving.

Tuoba Wan'er and Gong Qinyin looked at Xiang Shaoyun bashfully, their faces blushed red.

Somewhat confused, Xiang Shaoyun asked, "What's up with the two of you? Did Little Mu say something stupid to you?"

"Sister, I'm feeling slightly unwell, so I'm leaving to get some rest," said Tuoba Wan'er. Instead of answering Xiang Shaoyun, she tried to leave.

Gong Qinyin hurriedly stopped her and said, "Don't be like this. You're the elder sister, and you are already engaged to him. You should stay. I'll leave."

She then glared at Xiang Shaoyun and left before giving Tuoba Wan'er a chance to protest. After listening to their conversation, Xiang Shaoyun would know what was going on no matter how stupid he was. A smile formed on his face.

Tuoba Wan'er glared at Xiang Shaoyun and berated, "What are you smiling for? I'm ignoring you!"

She then tried to leave. However, Xiang Shaoyun rushed over and hugged her. With a perverted smile, he said, "Tonight, you're mine. Don't even dream of running."

The two were engaged, so nominally, Tuoba Wan'er should be his first wife. But they seemed to have been restricted by questions of morality, so they hadn't done anything after the engagement. Now that the time was ripe for them to take a step further, Xiang Shaoyun was not going to let her escape.

After what he did with Ye Chaomu, he could no longer resist not touching any of his other women. Perhaps only after doing it with them would they truly be his. Tuoba Wan'er knew what Xiang Shaoyun was trying to do. She became nervous and turned bashful. She curled inside Xiang Shaoyun's arms, not knowing what to say.

She had not experienced something like this before, so she was suddenly turning into a dainty and shy girl. Xiang Shaoyun lowered his head and looked at her bashful face. The more he looked at her, the more he was attracted. He unhesitatingly lifted her by the waist and brought her to his room.

"Holy son-in-law, w-we shouldn't," said Tuoba Wan'er.

"Don't you want to be my woman?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

"I-I want!" Tuoba Wan'er answered softly.

"From tonight onward, you're my woman," replied Xiang Shaoyun with a strong tone.


In a flash, a month passed. During that month, Xiang Shaoyun had conquered Ye Chaomu, Tuoba Wan'er, and Gong Qinyin successively. He also got the Ziling Sect and Ziling City back on the right track of development.

It was a busy month for him, so he did not have the time to cultivate. He also didn't have the time to teach his disciple, Guo Po. Instead, Ye Chaomu was the one in charge of guiding him in terms of eye techniques.

Her Divine Devil Eyes were cultivated using the heavenly eye stone given to her by Xiang Shaoyun. They were dreadfully powerful, capable of seeing through all illusions and laying out extremely destructive attacks. One could say that her pair of eyes was simply in defiance of the natural order.

Thus, it was more than appropriate that Ye Chaomu was the one teaching Guo Po about eye techniques. The plan was to get Guo Po to clear his meridians and enter the Astral Realm before feeding him the pill to recover his crippled leg.

Xiang Shaoyun already had Old Yao refine the lifebone pill with his lifebone flower. The pill would be easier to digest for Guo Po, and no medicinal power would be wasted. 

The combination of Devouring Ghost's threat and additional executions had thoroughly settled the remaining Di Sect members, making them serve the Ziling Sect obediently. They worked alongside the Qian Clan and started reconstructing many of the destroyed buildings in the sect.

As for Xiang Shaoyun, he personally restored all the formations in the sect, allowing the Ziling Sect to regain some of the splendor a sect of its level should have. Unfortunately, he did not have Scarlet Flame Monarch by his side, and all the Sovereigns sent by Tang Zhan had all left. Thus, Xiang Shaoyun greatly lacked experts. It was time to recruit new members, as destruction would be near if any outsider discovered this weakness.

The only ones he could utilize immediately were Devouring Ghost, Duo Ji, Du Xuanhao, Han Pojun, and some others. Fortunately, he still had the turtle and the toad to rely on. However, he had to fix this problem soon.

Sitting alone atop a mountain peak, Xiang Shaoyun was worrying and thinking of a solution. He looked bleak and lonesome by himself.

Xia Liuhui noiselessly appeared and asked, "Boss, why are you daydreaming?"

Xia Liuhui was a disciple of one of the four ancient academies, but for Xiang Shaoyun, he had abandoned cultivating at his academy. One could say that he was an extremely loyal brother.

"Liuhui, return to the academy tomorrow," said Xiang Shaoyun.

"Boss, are you chasing me away?" asked Xia Liuhui.

"What can you do if you stay?"

"Boss, I'm not useless! I have helped my master with a lot!"

"Is that so? Why did I hear that you have your eyes on the remaining female disciples all the time?"

"Oh...that's not true! I was merely teaching them to be loyal to you, boss!"

After some idle chatter with Xia Liuhui, Xiang Shaoyun felt much better, and the two started drinking.

"Boss, what were you thinking about? Are you worried that the old dog would return?" asked Xia Liuhui.

"I would be lying if I said no," said Xiang Shaoyun.

"With your extraordinary talent, you will probably reach the Heaven Battling Realm in a few years. If he dares to come, we will shatter his balls!" said Xia Liuhui ruthlessly.

"It would be great if we got a few years. But who knows when he will return?" said Xiang Shaoyun, vexed.

"True. Even if my master can immediately enter the Heaven Battling Realm, it will be pointless. The gap is still too big," said Xia Liuhui with a sigh.

"Your master is breaking through to the Heaven Battling Realm?" said Xiang Shaoyun as his eyes lit up in joy. "True, your master is going to break through soon. The turtle and the toad have also reached that point. If all of them can break through, they can help relieve a lot of my pressure."

"No way, boss. Can you really help my master break through?" asked Xia Liuhui. He was merely rambling, but Xiang Shaoyun was serious.

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