Chapter 1074: Saint Pill Done

After Old Yao started the fire, Xiang Shaoyun ignited his. He controlled his fire and kept it the same intensity as Old Yao's fire. When Old Yao saw that, his eyes lit up with praise. While controlling his fire, Old Yao tossed numerous medicinal herbs into the cauldron. They were all herbs of king-grade and above, and each was astonishingly valuable. All of them were going to serve as materials for the pills they were about to refine.

Pill refinement was a complicated process. Each step was difficult, and any simple mistake could easily spoil the entire process. For this refinement, Old Yao was extremely cautious. After all, making this pill was something extremely important to him, and it was his first attempt at refining a saint pill. He couldn't afford to be careless. 

After one king herb after another was extracted, Old Yao started tossing emperor herbs into the cauldron.

He shouted, "Increase the intensity."

Xiang Shaoyun immediately did as told. But then Old Yao requested for the intensity to be lowered, so Xiang Shaoyun did as told again. It had only been an hour, and he was made to switch back and forth over 10 times, greatly exhausting him.

If it wasn't for the fact that he had comprehended the profundity of flame, he probably wouldn't have been able to follow Old Yao's precise orders. This was too difficult a refinement. 

As time passed, more and more herbs were extracted, and the entire Yao Peak was filled with the fragrance of herbs.

Old Yao completed every single step carefully, each move he made smooth and graceful, displaying the skills befitting of a grandmaster alchemist. In a flash, two days passed. The extracting stage was almost done, and the only step remaining was to throw in the saint soul fruit. This final step was also the most important step, and no mistake was allowed.

"Hang on, young master. It's time to extract the saint soul fruit," said Old Yao when he saw that Xiang Shaoyun had sweat all over his head.

"Go on. I can still hang on," said Xiang Shaoyun as he clenched his teeth.

He had thought that controlling some flame wouldn't be too difficult, but doing it for so long was actually extremely tiring. More importantly, it placed a great mental strain on him, and a regular person would not be able to endure it. Xiang Shaoyun gathered his focus and waited for further instructions. 

After Old Yao tossed the saint soul fruit into the cauldron, a multicolored radiance burst out of the cauldron, and an incredibly vast medicinal power erupted from the fruit.

Old Yao hurriedly shouted at Grandpa Chen, "Lord, please help stabilize this burst of power."

Grandpa Chen did not hesitate. A powerful saintly presence surged out and confined the multicolored radiance within the cauldron.

"Increase the intensity all the way up!" said Old Yao. 

Xiang Shaoyun hurriedly followed the order and increased the intensity of his fire alongside Old Yao's fire, creating a massive inferno beneath the cauldron as they attempted to extract the saint soul fruit's medicinal power. The saint soul fruit had a frightening medicinal power. Without a high-tier flame, one would have difficulty extracting it.

They were slowly refining the fruit in the cauldron instead of directly burning it. If they instead burned and destroyed it, they would lose a saint fruit, which would be a great loss. 

After another day, all the medicinal power of the saint soul fruit was finally extracted. Old Yao had Xiang Shaoyun withdraw his flame before getting Grandpa Chen to seal the cauldron. Old Yao continued the refining process with a smaller fire.

At this point, Xiang Shaoyun and Grandpa Chen no longer had anything to do. It was now all up to Old Yao's pill refining skills. After four more days, Old Yao was finally going to start the pill forming stage. He unleashed all his strength and started cooling the cauldron. During the cooling, numerous oppressive sounds broke out from within the cauldron, greatly shocking Xiang Shaoyun, who thought that the process was about to fail.

However, Old Yao continued calmly making numerous complicated hand signs and continued to cool the cauldron. After about an hour, Old Yao finally stopped and looked relieved. Xiang Shaoyun could see that Old Yao was completely drenched in sweat. After finishing, Old Yao immediately swallowed some pills to recover his strength.

Xiang Shaoyun stepped forth and asked, "Grandpa Yao, are you fine?"

"I'm fine. See if the pills are done," said Old Yao.

Xiang Shaoyun then went to the cauldron and opened the lid. A burst of medicinal fragrance erupted, giving one a feeling that one was soaring into the sky. Radiance of numerous different colors also surged out of the cauldron and flooded the entire Yao Peak.

All three of them were stunned. In fact, even those around Yao Peak were stunned by the sight.

"What is this? Did someone do something at Yao Peak? This is so beautiful!"

"Is this the legendary pill phenomenon? It is said that something like this will only appear when a high-tier pill is refined."

"Has Old Yao's refining skills improved again? I never saw him do something like this before."

"The radiance is accompanied by a thick medicinal fragrance. It smells so good. I feel like I'm floating in the sky. He couldn't have refined a saint pill, right?"


Atop the Yao Peak, Old Yao cheered in joy when he took a look inside the cauldron. "Excellent. This is amazing! We refined six saint pills in total!"

Old Yao had refined countless pills, but this was the first time he had refined saint pills. In truth, he wasn't very confident and feared he would fail. After all, he wasn't a Saint yet. But with the assistance of Xiang Shaoyun and Grandpa Chen, he successfully refined six pills in his first try. He was filled with disbelief.

Xiang Shaoyun walked over and saw that there were indeed six round pills. The pills were glowing, looking like beautiful pebbles.

"These pills should be enough to help Little Qian, right?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

"Definitely! It will fully replenish her life soul. In the future, she will be able to live like a normal person," said Old Yao happily.

Immediately after, he took out six jade cases and carefully placed the six pills inside.

He handed five cases to Xiang Shaoyun and said, "Young master, keep these well. I only need one to help Little Qian."

Xiang Shaoyun kept four and said, "You can keep one more. You deserve it. Don't say no."

"This..." Old Yao was speechless.

Generally, he would charge others for each pill refinement. He would also take additional sets of materials that would earn him a lot of wealth. But Xiang Shaoyun had offered the saint soul fruit to save his granddaughter. He was hesitant to accept a pill for refining it but didn't know what to say. In any case, he also greatly longed for this pill.

"Grandpa Yao, go help Little Qian first. She must be getting impatient," Xiang Shaoyun shifted the topic.

"Good. Grandpa Yao won't hesitate then. In the future, I will serve the sect with my life," said Old Yao solemnly.

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