Chapter 1072: First Woman

Ye Chaomu was as beautiful as a fairy, and very few women could compare with her in terms of looks. In Xiang Shaoyun's entire life, the only other woman he had seen as beautiful as her was the woman in the ice coffin.

People like Tuoba Wan'er and Gong Qinyin were slightly lacking when compared with her, as Ye Chaomu's beauty was the most natural type of beauty, one that she was born with, not something she had gained by using cosmetics.

Ye Chaomu had the bloodline of the Undying Devil Clan, and the devilish aura in her formed a resonance with Xiang Shaoyun's devilish aura, causing him to slowly lose control over his body. He found it greatly enjoyable to spend time with her.

To make it worse, Ye Chaomu was a little devil whose courage knew no bounds. She started rubbing her body against Xiang Shaoyun's body as she tilted his head up and planted a kiss on his face. At that instant, Xiang Shaoyun lost all control over himself.

She is my little sister! I can't do this! Xiang Shaoyun roared to himself inwardly, trying to keep a rational mind. However, his resistance kept dropping until he finally couldn't resist. He roared, To hell with her being my sister.

With that yell in his heart, he wrapped his arms around Ye Chaomu and reciprocated strongly. Ye Chaomu moaned as a blissful sensation invaded her entire body. She took the lead to conquer every inch of Xiang Shaoyun's body, further provoking his rampaging desire.

Xiang Shaoyun completely unleashed himself. He had already regained the Ziling Sect. Although he hadn't been able to kill Di Batian, most of the knot in his heart had been untied. This little episode fully dispersed the last bit of shadow remaining in his heart. Right now, at this moment, he wanted nothing but to fully release his soul and let his body indulge without being restrained by distracting thoughts.

The door of the hall was shut, and inside the hall were two figures entangled with each other. Gasps and moans filled the hall.


At a certain wasteland far from Ziling Sect, Di Batian was furiously venting his rage on the beautiful woman that was with him, causing her to screech repeatedly.

"Xiang Shaoyun, you little bastard! I will personally tear you apart!" he roared in fury.

After taking over the Ziling Sect, he had lived a glorious life. Who would have thought that in a short 10 years, his entire world would be turned upside down by Xiang Shaoyun? He found it hard to accept.

Additionally, Xiang Shaoyun had killed his disappointing sons one after another, and Di Batian couldn't even kill Xiang Shaoyun even though Di Batian was a Saint. The thought caused him to be incomparably gloomy.

Over the years, he had worked extremely hard to prove that he was better than Xiang Yangzhan. Apart from that, he also wanted to return to his clan, earn their trust, and gain an important position there. But now, all his plans had gone down the drain. It was understandable why he hated Xiang Shaoyun so much.

After he was done venting, the beautiful woman lay weakly in his arms and said, "Batian, since you hate him so much, why don't we go back and kill him."

Di Batian shook his head and said, "That silver-winged owl is too powerful. We won't be its match. Going back is the same as suicide."

"Let's return to the clan, then. The clan will definitely send some experts to eliminate all of them," said the beautiful woman.

Di Batian thought about it before saying, "If I return now, I will no longer be able to raise my head in my entire life. You know full well just how snobbish those people in the clan are."

"But if we don't return now, we might not have the chance anymore," said the beautiful woman with worry.

Di Batian stood up, stared into the distance, and said, "We are definitely returning, but before that, there is something we need to do."


At the Ziling Sect, the rebuilding was progressing smoothly. The Qian Clan of Ziling City had also arrived with a group of people to help with the construction. Their patriarch, Qian Furen, even came personally with more than half of their clan's wealth as an offering to express his sincerity in submitting under Xiang Shaoyun.

Instead of meeting him personally, Xiang Shaoyun had Duo Ji deal with them. After the incident with Ye Chaomu the other night, he felt that his devilish energy was starting to get out of control. He was forced to stay in seclusion as he looked for a way to handle this issue.

Ye Chaomu was in the same condition, so the two decided to work on the issue together. But when they stayed together alone, they couldn't help but have another go at it. Xiang Shaoyun felt like he had fully sunken into decadence.

After yet another round of intense activity, he looked at Ye Chaomu, who was nestled against his chest, and said, "Little Mu, is it really fine for us to keep doing this?"

"Of course, it's extremely fine. I'm finally your woman, and I'm even your first," said Ye Chaomu with satisfaction.

Her rosy face was incredibly beautiful and alluring.

"We're here to look for a way to control the devilish energy," Xiang Shaoyun reminded.

"Yes, we are. Haven't you realized that the more we do it, the more naturally we can control the devilish energy?" asked Ye Chaomu.

"Oh...let me see..." Xiang Shaoyun blanked out and started manipulating the devilish energy in him. He found that he really could freely control it now.

Ye Chaomu said, "After we did it, our devilish auras intermingled and were unleashed. We weren't adapted to it, so we failed to control the energy for a bit, but now that we have adapted, we can freely control it. In truth, the devilish aura is also a type of energy that is slightly different from astral energy. We don't really need to make a fuss out of it."

Xiang Shaoyun was dumbstruck when he saw how nonchalant Ye Chaomu was about it. He had a human body yet possessed devilish energy. It was understandable that others would see him as a devil and try to kill him. Thus, he had been trying to cover up the fact that he had devil blood in him.

Although he didn't mind using the Imperial Nether Clan's abilities during battle, he still cared about how others viewed him. After his intercourse with Ye Chaomu, his devilish energy had grown, resulting in his body becoming stronger. His Imperial Nether Clan abilities had also become stronger. For example, his invisibility now lasted longer, his Nether Yin Gate was now larger, and so on. Additionally, their bloodline powers had also grown. These were all the benefits of their intercourse.

"You're right, Little Mu. It's just another energy we can make use of. As long as we're strong enough, nobody will dare say anything," said Xiang Shaoyun in realization.

"That's right. Don't keep thinking about it, big brother. We have the noblest of devil bloodlines. Not only will we become the hegemon of humanity in the future, but we will also be a hegemon among the devils. Just think of it. Who would still dare to stand against us if we make it a reality?" said Ye Chaomu in a heroic manner.

While listening to her, Xiang Shaoyun's gaze landed on her bountiful chest, which she had raised while talking. He once again lost control over himself and pounced on her.

"Big brother, take good care of me," said Ye Chaomu in a suggestive tone as she wrapped her arms around him.

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