Chapter 1066: This Is the Son of My Benefactor

The silver-winged owl was giving off too much pressure to everyone there. After Di Batian said those words, the people on Xiang Shaoyun's side grew even more nervous. They started retreating, not daring to stay there any longer.

The fastest to run were the villains from the Bloodsin City. They were notorious criminals, and it was already extremely out of character to help Xiang Shaoyun with this invasion. Now that something had happened, they were naturally the first ones to flee. They were definitely unwilling to throw their lives away for Xiang Shaoyun.

The second fastest to flee was the Skeleton Gang. They might have been hand-picked for this expedition, but they also weren't people of high moral standing. If they were, they wouldn't have ended up at the Bloodsin City in the first place.

The third fastest to flee were the Demon Sovereigns brought by Little White. They definitely weren't about to die for Xiang Shaoyun. Even the Sovereigns sent by Tang Zhan were leaving. They saw no need in dying together with Xiang Shaoyun.

And with that, only those closest to Xiang Shaoyun remained instead of being scared away by the silver-winged owl. The Heaven Battling Realm experts at Xiang Shaoyun's side were on high alert, prepared to flee at a moment's notice. After all, they weren't confident they could do anything to the owl even if all of them were to work together.

The silver-winged owl blinked its crimson eyes several times before flapping its wings and flying in Xiang Shaoyun's direction.

"This is bad! Young master, we need to leave!" roared Scarlet Flame Monarch as he tried dragging Xiang Shaoyun away. Unfortunately, the backlash he had suffered from the battle had greatly weakened him. He couldn't even drag Xiang Shaoyun away.

At this point, even the Old Urchin didn't have the leisure to take care of Xiang Shaoyun. His priority was to protect Tuoba Wan'er. Granny Luo and Grandpa Chen also forcefully brought Ye Chaomu away. Not a single Heaven Battling Realm expert remained by Xiang Shaoyun's side, leaving him all alone.

Di Batian sneered, "Die, little bastard."

Is this the end? thought Xiang Shaoyun with a sigh when he sensed the silver-winged owl's aura lock onto him.

He shut his eyes, awaiting his fate.

"You're Xiang Yangzhan's son?" asked the silver-winged owl instead of killing Xiang Shaoyun directly, a powerful voice rumbling out of its mouth. 

The question surprised Xiang Shaoyun. He opened his eyes and nodded. "Absolutely. Do whatever you want to me. I'm ready."

"Grandpa Urchin, please go save the holy son-in-law," Tuoba Wan'er yelled from far away.

"That owl is too scary. Your Grandpa Urchin can't do anything," said Old Urchin with a sigh.

Ye Chaomu also shouted at Granny Luo and Grandpa Chen, "Why aren't you helping my big brother? I don't want him to die!"

"Young lady, don't make things difficult for us. We are only in charge of your safety," said Grandpa Chen as he lowered his head.

"Only someone at the very peak of the Saint Realm can deal with that owl. We are still too lacking to face such an opponent," said Granny Luo.

As for Li Juetian, he had long fled far away. He would definitely not sacrifice his life for Xiang Shaoyun.

Scarlet Flame Monarch had the highest loyalty, and he mustered the final bit of strength he had. His aura locked onto the silver-winged owl as he threatened, "Owl, don't do anything rash, or I will detonate myself and kill both of us!"

Scarlet Flame Monarch had decided to throw all caution to the wind. He would save Xiang Shaoyun even if he had to die. Xiang Shaoyun was greatly touched. This was indeed a loyal brother from his previous life.

The silver-winged owl threw Scarlet Flame Monarch a glance and said, "If you were at your peak strength, I might be scared of you. But you are currently nothing. Keep quiet."

When Scarlet Flame Monarch heard those words, his aura scattered.

With a remorseful look, he said, "Y-Young master, Scarlet Flame is useless."

"Don't say that. Retreat with Devouring Ghost. Let me have a chat with this Lord Owl," said Xiang Shaoyun.

For some reason, he had the feeling that the silver-winged owl did not intend to kill him. Perhaps things would take a turn for the better.

Di Batian also sensed the same, so he shouted again, "Owl, why are you not killing them yet? What are you waiting for?"

"Noisy," berated the silver-winged owl.

The owl's murderous voice rumbled toward Di Batian. The space around Di Batian instantly collapsed, creating a terrifying energy storm around him and kicking up a massive cloud of dust and pebbles. Just a single shout from the owl was already so powerful. It was clear just how powerful he was.

Di Batian had not imagined that the silver-winged owl would actually attack him. He swung his saint sword repeatedly, stopping the sound waves. However, he was still sent flying away while spewing blood. The old man and beautiful woman with Di Batian were given a fright. They hurriedly rushed over to help Di Batian.

"Why is this happening? Are you stupid, owl? That little bastard is your enemy. Why are you attacking me?" roared Di Batian unhappily.

He had thought that so long as he released the owl, he would be able to eliminate Xiang Shaoyun and all his people. But things had turned out differently from his expectation.

"Haha, how laughable. This is the son of my benefactor. Since when was he my enemy?" the owl roared with laughter. "I think you're my actual enemy."

After saying that, it roared once again in Di Batian's direction, sending out sound waves that were much more terrifying than before. Space cracked and collapsed, and a tsunami of wind swept through the land, causing numerous mountains to collapse. The resulting shockwaves killed many people in the area.

On the other hand, Xiang Shaoyun and those on his side suffered no damage. Evidently, the silver-winged owl had intentionally protected them. Di Batian and the two Saints by his side were having a bad time. 

They defended with all their strength, forming numerous defensive barriers to no avail. Left with no choice, they could only retreat while avoiding the incoming sound waves. Alas, the sound waves were boundlessly powerful, rendering them completely helpless.

"I'll block the owl! You two run!" the old man roared and mustered all his strength to block the sound waves, trying to buy some time for Di Batian and the beautiful woman.

"Damnable owl! Damnable little bastard! A day will come when I tear all of you into pieces," Di Batian roared madly before fleeing with the beautiful woman.

The owl had actually forced Di Batian to flee? Nobody could understand what was happening. Even Xiang Shaoyun was confused. 

The old man who tried blocking the owl was ground into mincemeat by the sound waves. The silver-winged owl was definitely a peak Saint. Otherwise, it wouldn't be so powerful.

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