Chapter 1065: Terrifying Owl

Among the tigers, Little White's status was unparalleled. Understandably, the old demon sent to him by the tiger patriarch was a top expert from the clan. The arms of the old demon were akin to sharp blades. As he brandished both arms, two terrifying beams shot out with a might that was even slightly stronger than Di Batian's attack.

The two beams crossed and surged into the sky with an incredibly sharp aura that threatened to slice the sky itself into pieces. Numerous strands of energy swirled in the sky, each capable of instantly killing an ordinary Sovereign.

Granny Luo also wasn't any weaker than Di Batian. She did not dare to hold back because she couldn't let the incoming attack harm Ye Chaomu. She pointed her scepter at the sky repeatedly, manifesting numerous oddly-shaped flowers that completely crushed through Di Batian's attack.

Every move a Saint made could result in an astonishing destructive force or even cause a shocking phenomenon to manifest. It was a sight to behold.

Deafening explosions rumbled on and on as a chaotic mess of energy spread in all directions. The people on the ground felt like a massive calamity was about to descend upon them. They coughed up blood and collapsed onto the ground, and some mountains in the area were flattened.

Xiang Shaoyun and the others erected their strongest defenses, afraid that they would suffer the same fate as the others who had been injured by the shockwaves. If it wasn't for the fact that the old demon and Granny Luo had paid particular attention in protecting the spot they were at, they would have been assaulted by the strongest of the shockwaves.

"You dare threaten his highness's safety? Die!" the old demon was infuriated. With a roar, he charged Di Batian.

Prior to this, he did not want to make a move, as he wanted to focus on protecting Little White. Now that Di Batian was trying to kill Xiang Shaoyun, Little White, who was standing beside Xiang Shaoyun, would suffer collateral damage. The old demon could no longer stand still.

Di Batian had not imagined that there was still such a powerful Demon Saint on the ground. He did not dare to face the old demon, and he instead moved in a certain direction.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"I won't flee. I only want you to taste true despair," replied Di Batian with a sneer.

Instantly, he reached the Di Sect's forbidden zone, which was created by Xiang Yangzhan. Not even Di Batian could enter it in the past. Over the years, as he grew in strength and obtained the Di Clan's help, he eventually managed to break through the zone's seal. 

Inside, he learned the zone's secret. Today, he was going to fully lift the seal and unleash the terrifying being in the zone. 

When Xiang Shaoyun sensed what Di Batian was doing, he cried out in alarm, "Stop him! Don't let him break the forbidden zone, or all of us will die!"

He had been hearing about the danger of the forbidden zone from his father since young. Nobody was allowed to even approach the zone since it was a source of calamity. When he saw Di Batian heading there, he had an ominous feeling. After numerous sounds of explosions, Di Batian fully opened the forbidden zone.

The old demon did not care. He continued chasing after Di Batian and swung both his arms like they were a pair of sharp weapons in his attempt to kill Di Batian. As for Granny Luo, she did not give chase. Her only task was to ensure Ye Chaomu's safety.

Just as the old demon was about to reach Di Batian, a terrifying aura surged out of the forbidden zone. A terrifying pressure descended upon everyone in the area. The sky itself changed color, and the old demon sensed an intense threat coming from the zone. He immediately retreated, not daring to take a single step forward.


A roar that sounded like it had come from the depths of hell rang out. It caused everyone's hair to stand on end. Everyone in and near the sect felt the heavy pressure descending upon them and realized that an unparalleled fiend was about to show itself.

"Haha, Lord Owl, awake from your seal!" said Di Batian as he roared with laughter.

The being sealed in the zone was a top-tier owl of the owl clan. The owl was a peak Saint, and it was unknown just how Xiang Yangzhan had trapped it in the zone in the past. 

Di Batian was releasing the owl, hoping that the owl could kill Xiang Shaoyun and all the Saints with Xiang Shaoyun. He could no longer be bothered about the consequences of releasing the owl.

A massive silver figure soared into the sky. A pair of wide silver wings flapped repeatedly, and a pair of crimson eyes scanned the area. Nothing was capable of hiding from this pair of eyes. The figure was an immense silver-winged owl. It emanated a thick evil aura that suffocated everyone in the area.

The Saints still battling in the sky all stopped fighting upon sensing the terrifying aura and returned to the ground. Scarlet Flame Monarch, Li Juetian, Grandpa Chen, Old Urchin, and the old donkey had all survived.

As for Di Batian's side, Di De had fled, and Li Juetian's opponent had been killed. Only an old man and a beautiful woman survived, but both had sustained severe injuries. One could say that Xiang Shaoyun's side had obtained a complete advantage over his enemies. If they were given more time, even the old man and the beautiful woman would be killed.

"What a terrifying owl. Young lady, we need to leave immediately," said Granny Luo gravely.

Without any hesitation, she started taking Ye Chaomu away.

Ye Chaomu shouted, "Granny Luo, take my big brother and the others as well."

She would not escape alone. She would only escape with Xiang Shaoyun.

"Little Mu, leave with the others. I won't leave," said Xiang Shaoyun with a decisive look on his face. 

"If my big brother doesn't leave, I won't leave either," said Ye Chaomu firmly.

Xiang Shaoyun said, "Little Mu, don't be stubborn. You need to leave. Everything here has been built by father with his blood and sweat. I will either take it all back today or die here."

Xiang Shaoyun remained stubborn. He steeled his heart to stay with the Ziling Sect so long as there was a single grain of sand, a single inch of land, or even a single blade of grass remaining. 

The old demon also returned and immediately dragged Little White away, completely ignoring his protests. Little White struggled to no avail.

"Boss!" Little White howled indignantly.

He did not want to be a deserter. He wanted to stay with his boss. Unfortunately, the old demon did not care. He only cared for Little White's well-being.

"Young master, we need to leave first," said Scarlet Flame Monarch weakly.

"Holy son-in-law, we need to leave. This silver-winged owl has a vigorous life force and is extremely powerful. Not even all of us combined will be its match," persuaded Old Urchin.

"Trying to leave? Dream on. Lord Owl, now that you have regained your freedom, why are you not eliminating all of them? They are all your enemies, people brought here by Xiang Yangzhan's son. Are you not going to pay Xiang Yangzhan back for imprisoning you here all those years ago?" yelled Di Batian at the silver-winged owl, who remained motionless.

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