Chapter 1064: Dwarf Ambush

Xiang Shaoyun managed to enter the Di Sect, kill Di Youguang, and place the three Golden Guardians under his control. One could say that he had already broken through the fortress that was the Di Sect. He released Pang Tongyuan, Old Yao, Yao Qian, and the others from the Nether Soul Domain. As for the three Golden Guardians, he still needed some time to exert full control over them. The other Di Sect members trapped in the Nether Soul Domain were all killed.

He walked toward Pang Tongyuan and Old Yao before kneeling down remorsefully. "Third uncle, Grandpa Yao, I'm sorry."

A man should never kneel easily. One could bend the knees for the heavens and one's parents, but the same should not be done lightly for others. For him to kneel down before these two, it was clear how sorry he felt.

"Good child, get up. For you to be able to rise again and stand up among your peers, all the sufferings your third uncle has endured are nothing," said Pang Tongyuan in a gratified manner.

Why was he so strict with Xiang Shaoyun in the past? Because he hoped to see Xiang Shaoyun succeed in life like his father. 

Now that Xiang Shaoyun had grown into a capable individual, he was filled with sincere joy.

Old Yao also said in a gratified manner, "That's right. If the sect master were here, he would be very happy as well. After spoiling you for so many years, you were still able to discard your shame and rise through hard work. This is rare."

Xiang Shaoyun felt touched and remorseful. Even now, the two seniors did not blame him. Instead, they appreciated what he did, leaving him completely speechless.

At this time, someone beside them stuttered, "Y-Young master, d-do you remember me?"

Xiang Shaoyun looked at the face that was covered in dirt, and asked doubtfully, "You are?"

He didn't remember too many of them, especially when this person's physical appearance was in such a mess. He only saw this person as a Ziling Sect loyalist.

"Young master, I'm..." the person trembled as he slowly walked toward Xiang Shaoyun while talking, and Xiang Shaoyun listened with full attention. Xiang Shaoyun even stepped forth to help the person stand properly.

But when the person got near Xiang Shaoyun, a sharp blade abruptly shot out of his sleeve and aimed for Xiang Shaoyun's heart. It was an incredibly sharp blade, a sovereign-grade weapon. When being stabbed at such a close range, anyone would have a hard time dealing with it. Because Xiang Shaoyun wasn't on guard against him, the blade reached his chest.

"Young master!" Pang Tongyuan, Old Yao, and Yao Qian cried out in alarm.

Who would have guessed that there was a spy among the prisoners? The attacker was overjoyed, thinking that he had succeeded in assassinating Xiang Shaoyun. Unfortunately for him, a crisp sound brought him back to reality.

Instead of stabbing into Xiang Shaoyun's heart, the blade in his hand snapped. He immediately realized that Xiang Shaoyun was wearing high-quality armor. Otherwise, a sovereign weapon would have easily reached Xiang Shaoyun's heart.

Xiang Shaoyun was wearing the Radiant Saint Armor. In fact, the moment Di Batian appeared, he had had the armor on to prepare himself for the worst. Surprisingly, his cautiousness had paid off. Otherwise, this stab might have taken his life. 

When Xiang Shaoyun recovered from his shock, an unhesitating punch slammed toward the attacker's face. But the spy was well prepared and immediately did a backflip before fleeing far away.

"You won't be able to escape," said Xiang Shaoyun as he transformed into a storm and gave chase, sending countless blades of wind toward the fleeing person.

The attacker turned out to be a master of disguise. His body shape started changing rapidly, and he transformed into a dwarf less than a meter tall. He then escaped into the ground.

"A dwarf!" Xiang Shaoyun snorted coldly, stamping the ground and releasing a burst of earth profundity. Nothing in the ground could hide from his senses, and with the numerous formation eyes buried underground, he took control over one of them and detonated it.


The abrupt explosion startled the people around him, and a figure was blasted out of the ground. It was none other than the dwarf. The explosion had destroyed half his body, and his blood was everywhere. His upper torso still struggled to escape, but it was unfortunate that he did not have the ability to regrow his body. 

Soon, he died. 

Xiang Shaoyun ignored the dwarf corpse and scanned the other prisoners, trying to see if there were other imposters among them.

"Young master, are you fine?" asked Pang Tongyuan and Old Yao.

"I'm fine. Third uncle, Old Yao, please wait a moment. I'll destroy the formations and get my people in," said Xiang Shaoyun. He now had his guard up.

Pang Tongyuan and Old Yao understood that Xiang Shaoyun was doing what was necessary. They helped Xiang Shaoyun check if the other prisoners were legitimate Ziling Sect loyalists.

Xiang Shaoyun had long fully grasped the formations in the sect. Using the profundity of earth, he destroyed numerous formation eyes, causing the formations to all collapse. His army thus gained entry into the sect.

"Big brother, are you fine?" asked Ye Chaomu anxiously.

"I'm fine," Xiang Shaoyun answered. He commanded the others, "Deal with the others. Those who surrender will be spared."

He knew that the remaining Di Sect members were disloyal people who were completely unreliable, but he did not want to slaughter the entire sect. He still needed someone to remain and do the clean up. He would wait for his father to return before deciding on what to do with them.

Xiang Shaoyun's people spread in all directions as they dealt with the Di Sect members. Only those closest to him remained by his side. 

A loud explosion erupted high in the sky, as though the sky was falling on them. Wielding a saint weapon, Di Batian flew down and swung at the Di Sect.

"You want to regain the Ziling Sect? I'll let you and the sect perish together," said Di Batian. He had sensed Di Youguang's death, and he could no longer let Xiang Shaoyun continue living. He was going to risk heavy injuries just to eliminate Xiang Shaoyun. 

With a swing of his sword, it was as though the very sky was raining swords down upon them. A domineering rainbow of swords descended, blanketing the sky with an incredibly destructive force, greatly pressuring everyone below it.

This was the might of a sixth-stage Heaven Battling Realm cultivator—a might no ordinary person could compare to. If the attack landed, not only Xiang Shaoyun and his people but also the Di Sect people would be killed. From this attack, one could see just how ruthless Di Batian was.

Old Urchin and the others who were battling Di Batian earlier couldn't do anything in time, as Di Batian had slightly delayed them with a major technique before flying down toward the sect. Just as everyone was about to be killed, the old demon who had remained beside Little White at all times finally made his move.

Granny Luo, who had returned in secret, also revealed herself and made a move. Two Saints making a move together should be enough to block Di Batian's destructive attack.

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