Chapter 1061: It's Called Turbid Gas

Scarlet Flame Monarch was igniting himself with his lifebound flame, a flame that was no weaker than a high-tier unique flame. Di De was an earth cultivator, so he wasn't afraid of fire. However, even he was fearful when facing Scarlet Flame Monarch, who was fighting without regard for his own life.

Overlapping Mountain Ranges!

Abruptly, numerous mountains manifested around Di De and protected him from Scarlet Flame Monarch's lifebound flame. Mountain after mountain crashed forward, trying to crush Scarlet Flame Monarch to death.

The clash of two powerful techniques created a calamity that seemed like the entire world was about to collapse. If this exchange happened down at the ground level, they would have created a large amount of destruction.

The intense battle resulted in both of them suffering heavy injuries. Di De was set alight by Scarlet Flame Monarch's lifebound flame and was forced to flee. He had to look for a hiding place to recuperate and remove the flame from his body, or he would be eventually burned to death.

Looking at the fleeing Di De, Scarlet Flame Monarch's aura dropped as he started coughing large mouthfuls of blood. His face seemed to have aged considerably in an instant. Evidently, he was now suffering from the backlash of using a forbidden technique. He had temporarily lost the ability to fight. Left with no choice, he also fled far away and sat down cross-legged to recuperate. 

Meanwhile, Li Juetian was holding the absolute advantage against the Saint he was facing. Both he and his opponent were third-stage Heaven Battling Realm experts, but his Three Severing Slash Technique was boundlessly powerful, giving him the ability to punch above his class. Throughout the fight, his opponent could only remain in the defensive position.

However, it would still take him some time to kill his opponent. As for Grandpa Chen, he also held a clear advantage against his opponent. In fact, he was the first to kill his opponent among all the Saints battling.

After killing his opponent, instead of helping Scarlet Flame Monarch or Li Juetian, he prepared to return to Ye Chaomu's side and resume his guard duty. But at that instant, he sensed Old Urchin soaring into the sky with an old man. Next, he sensed Granny Luo fighting a beautiful woman. Without any hesitation, he went to help Granny Luo.

Subsequently, even Di Batian and the old donkey took to the skies. One could say that the sky had been transformed into a massive battlefield. Grandpa Chen and Granny Luo should be able to easily kill the beautiful woman, but when Di Batian noticed what was going on, he went to help the beautiful woman. The old man fighting Old Urchin also rushed over.

With that, a chaotic battle erupted between the two groups. It did not seem like they would be able to end the battle anytime soon. As a whole, Granny Luo, Grandpa Chen, Old Urchin, and the old donkey were stronger. However, Di Batian wielded a high-tier saint weapon. With the old man and beautiful woman helping him, he was able to hold off against his opponents.

"I advise you to retreat immediately. I am a member of a hermit clan. Our Di Clan is about to end our seclusion soon. We have numerous Heaven Battling Realm experts, and we even have someone beyond that realm. If you leave, I can forget everything that has happened today. Otherwise, no place in the dominion will be safe for you," threatened Di Batian.

Of course, his opponents were no cowards, and they completely ignored his threat.

That was especially true for Old Urchin, who was completely fearless. He started cursing, "What the fuck is even the Di Clan? I have never heard of them. Today, I'll kill you guys and see if there will be any Di Clan members barking at me afterward. Old donkey, come, shower him with your fart!"

The old donkey screamed, "We need to be more scholarly. It's not a fart; it's called Turbid Gas."

As the old donkey said that, he farted and filled his surroundings with a revolting stench. Old Urchin was well prepared and had long sealed his sense of smell. He took the opportunity to launch an intense attack on Di Batian. He knew that Di Batian was the holy son-in-law's target. Only by killing Di Batian would they be able to end this war earlier.

Unfortunately, Di Batian was no pushover. He was someone who had grown his cultivation rapidly, reaching sixth-stage Heaven Battling Realm in a short time frame. Old Urchin might be stronger, but Di Batian was strong as well. He was entirely capable of defending against Old Urchin's attack.

More importantly, Granny Luo and Grandpa Chen had left the battlefield to go and protect Ye Chaomu. Instantly, their side weakened, making it even harder for the battle to come to a conclusion.

"Hey, hey, old woman, don't leave. Let's kill them first," shouted Old Urchin when he saw Granny Luo leaving.

The shout displeased Granny Luo, who glared at Old Urchin before sending a palm attack over. Old Urchin was already busy dealing with Di Batian's group. The sudden attack from his own people almost caused him to lose the fight.

Fortunately, he was strong enough to forcefully readjust his condition. He shouted, "Old woman, have you gone crazy? Why are you attacking your own people?"

"Who's your own people? Just say it if you're looking to die," replied Granny Luo sternly.

At this time, Grandpa Chen said, "Granny Luo, don't waste any time on him. We need to go down there and take care of the young lady."

Under Grandpa Chen's urging, Granny Luo finally left.

Old Urchin grumbled, "As long as we kill them, everyone will be safe. They are completely missing the big picture."

He finally stopped his childish antics and started facing Di Batian's group seriously, showcasing the might of Holy Hall's number two expert. The longer the battle went on, the more fearful Di Batian became. Inwardly, he thought, Where did that little bastard find so many helpers? All of them are so powerful as well. Things will get troublesome if this continues.

Over the years, Di Batian had accumulated strength not only to prepare for Di Clan's reappearance from seclusion but to also prove his worth. He hoped to regain the clan's approval. That was why he had recruited a group of Saints and worked hard to increase his cultivation. 

He had managed to get the help of a Saint from the clan, and he had thought that even if Xiang Yangzhan was to return now, he would no longer have anything to fear. But it seemed like just Xiang Yangzhan's trash of a son alone was enough to cause him a massive headache. He felt extremely sullen at the thought.

Meanwhile, a chaotic battle was still ongoing at the ground level. Xiang Shaoyun's main body and clone attacked together using two saint weapons, killing one Devil Sovereign after another, gathering a massive number of devil cores. His attacks were terrifying, and he alone withstood a large majority of pressure from the devil army, reducing the casualties on his side.

Ye Chaomu was also displaying a terrifying combat prowess that was comparable to any peak Sovereign. With everyone working together, the devil army was being cleaned up. The Di Sect members who were watching the battle were completely stunned. They had thought that their sect master's backup plan would be enough to eliminate Xiang Shaoyun's side, and they now realized just how wrong they were.

"Not even the devil army can stop them. What should we do?" someone exclaimed in panic.

"Don't worry. Our formations are active. They won't be able to get through it quickly. The sect master will return in victory shortly."

"That's right. With the sect master out of seclusion, all is fine. No matter how strong Xiang Shaoyun's side is, it will all be pointless."

"Just think of how useless we are right now. Looks like we need to cultivate even harder after this."

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