Chapter 1060: Devil Army

The one who had spoken was none other than Old Urchin's mount, the old donkey. Who would have imagined that this old donkey was actually a Demon Saint? With the donkey making a move, Xiang Shaoyun calmed somewhat.

"Elder donkey, I'll be relying on you," said Xiang Shaoyun gratefully.

"I'm not that fellow's match. I'll only be able to stop him for a bit. Let's hope Old Urchin and the others can return quickly," said the old donkey before walking toward Di Batian in an unhurried manner.

"A mere donkey dares to be so arrogant? Die!" said Di Batian after throwing the old donkey a glance. He was finally going to fight with his real strength.

He took a step forward and sent another palm attack out. This palm attack was much scarier than the previous attack and seemed as if it was going to bring the entire sky down. The old donkey spun around and faced Di Batian with his rear before kicking with his rear hoofs, forming a hoof energy that shot straight at Di Batian's palm energy.

The two attacks collided, creating a world-shaking explosion. A terrifying shockwave spread outward, oppressing everyone with a powerful pressure. The weaker ones were directly sent flying by the shockwave.

Xiang Shaoyun's group was forced to retreat repeatedly as they waited for the battles between the Saints to end. The old donkey tried leading Di Batian to the sky, but instead of following the donkey, he jabbed his finger in the direction of several formations before sending a palm in a certain direction, seemingly having smashed something apart with that palm attack.

He sneered and said, "Activate the formations. Nobody takes a single step out of the sect. Just watch and enjoy the feast that this sect master is going to prepare for you."

The formations within Di Sect were activated once again, instantly surrounding the sect in a shiny and sturdy defensive barrier. Everything Xiang Shaoyun had done to the formations was rendered ineffective by Di Batian. The Di Sect members looked relieved, and they even started cheering.

"I knew the sect master wouldn't give up on us. We're safe now."

"The hateful traitors should all be killed. We can't give them a chance to harm any of us again."

"Xiang Shaoyun, it's all over for you. The sect master will be victorious!"

"Wait, look over there. Something else is coming, and whatever it is feels even more terrifying!"

Atop a certain mountain outside the sect was some sort of seal that had been smashed apart by Di Batian. Some terrifying beings were coming out of the broken seal. Xiang Shaoyun's group looked over as well, and soon, a look of overwhelming shock surfaced on their faces.

Numerous sturdy figures were charging out of the seal. An aura that felt incredibly evil flooded their surroundings, and roars reverberated all around them.

"It's the devils! Why are they here? There are at least a few hundred of them!" Duo Ji exclaimed in alarm.

The newcomers were none other than an army of devils. There were devil apes, devil rats, devilmen, and all sorts of devils among them. They were led by two Devil Saints, and they had a decent number of Devil Sovereigns among their ranks. The rest were Devil Emperors, and none of them was weaker than the Devil Emperor Realm.

Di Batian had actually hidden a devil army here. One ought to admit that his ambitions truly knew no bounds.

"They are probably devil puppets, but they are not completely cleaned of their devilish nature yet. We can't be careless against them," said Devouring Ghost.

"They're coming. Kill to your heart's content. Everyone, be safe," said Xiang Shaoyun.

"Uncle Tang, if you're still not making a move, I'll kill myself right in front of you," Little White started forcing the old demon.

"I'll kill the two Devil Saints for you. Nothing else," said the old demon after some hesitation.

"I'll be relying on you, then," said Little White in joy.

Next, the old demon charged the two Devil Saints. The old demon attacked in a straightforward manner. Instead of leading the Devil Saints to the sky, he swung his arm, which was akin to a sharp blade, at the two devils.

The two Devil Saints resisted with all their strength, but they were still sliced into pieces. From how easily the old demon could kill the two Devil Saints, one could only imagine just how powerful he was.

After killing the two Devil Saints, the old demon swiftly returned to Little White's side as though nothing had happened. His actions calmed the people at Xiang Shaoyun's side, and the pressure they were feeling lessened.

"Kill. This army of devil puppets are no longer dangerous," said Xiang Shaoyun as both his main body and clone charged the devils.

His main body wielded the Radiant Saint Sword and used the Dazzling Sky Sword Technique as he proceeded to slaughter the devil puppets. His clone wasn't fighting bare-handed either. Using the chakram, he wreaked havoc everywhere.

Riding the green-eyed cat, Ye Chaomu utilized her Divine Devil Eyes and showcased a combat prowess that was no weaker than Xiang Shaoyun's. The others also fought with their full strength, not daring to hold anything back. 

The devil puppets were extremely valiant and were not easy opponents like the Di Sect members they faced earlier. Thus, an intense battle erupted between the two sides.

It did not seem possible that they would be able to end the battle in a short time period and without any casualties. As for the Di Sect members, they hid in their formations and watched on as the battle proceeded.

Of the many ongoing battles, the ones in the sky were the scariest ones. The people fighting up there were using all sorts of techniques capable of overturning seas and rivers, splitting the sky and earth, and shaking the heavens.

The Heaven Battling Realm was a realm where one gained the ability to contend against the heavens, a realm far beyond the imagination of a regular mortal. The prowess at their disposal was beyond a regular person's understanding. As a whole, those at Xiang Shaoyun's side had the upper hand, and they were about to obtain victory.

Scarlet Flame Monarch was fighting Di De. The two were matched somewhat evenly, but that was only because Scarlet Flame Monarch had yet to fully recover. Otherwise, Di De would not be his match.

The current Di De was at his peak condition, while Scarlet Flame Monarch couldn't even last in a prolonged battle. They each held different advantages and disadvantages, and it did not seem like the result of their battle would come anytime soon. But as for now, Scarlet Flame Monarch seemed to be at a slight disadvantage.

I, Scarlet Flame Monarch, had run rampant all over the world my entire life. Who would have guessed that a day would come when I couldn't even beat a fifth-stage Saint? How ridiculous. I am an embarrassment to the Five Skyslaying Generals, thought Scarlet Flame Monarch sorrowfully. A firm look suddenly surfaced in his eyes as he came to the decision to use a forbidden technique.

Forbidden technique: Igniting the Body, Burning the Sky

He transformed into a burning stove that sealed a chunk of space in the air as he burned Di De with a domineering flame. He was using his own body as fuel to burn Di De. This was a forbidden technique that would harm both his opponent and himself.

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