Chapter 1059: Di Batian Shows Himself

Di Batian had finally shown himself. The moment he appeared, Granny Luo and Old Urchin, who were standing beside Ye Chaomu and Tuoba Wan'er, started emanating powerful Heaven Battling Realm auras as they dragged Xiang Shaoyun's clone and main body back to them.

Xiang Shaoyun's clone was holding the upper hand against the Four Golden Guardians, killing one of them. If Di Batian had been a step slower, Xiang Shaoyun could have killed all four. 

Di Batian unleashed an incomparably powerful pressure on everyone, revealing his sixth-stage Heaven Battling Realm cultivation level.

He carried the bearing of a monarch of monarchs, and he had the expression of someone who disdained the entire world. All Di Sect members kowtowed to him as they cried out, "We respectfully welcome the sect master back from seclusion."

Their powerful voices reverberated in the area, showcasing the imposing might of the Di Sect. Di Batian did not appear alone. Behind him were two other people, both being Heaven Battling Realm cultivators. One of them was an old man, and the other was a middle-aged beauty. They were emanating powerful auras as well. Nobody had guessed that Di Batian still had such experts at his side.

Di Batian brought Di Youguang back to his side. Fury surfaced on his scholarly face as he looked at Xiang Shaoyun and said, "My beloved nephew, so you have really returned to throw your life away."

"Hehe, how can I die before killing you?" said Xiang Shaoyun with a sneer.

This man before him was someone who had stolen everything his father had built, killed many who were loyal to the sect, and driven him away like a stray dog. This was a grudge that he had never forgotten.

"Looks like you have gotten yourself a sharp tongue in the 10 years we haven't met. Unfortunately, even if your dead father returns right now, he won't be able to change the fact that the Ziling Sect is now the Di Sect," said Di Batian.

"I can always take what we lost, but can you get your dead sons back?" replied Xiang Shaoyun unyieldingly.

Di Batian's gaze instantly turned sharp, and two beams shot toward Xiang Shaoyun. A father and son would have some sort of connection with each other, and he had sensed how many of his sons were dead. Xiang Shaoyun's act of poking at his scar was the same as slapping him across the face. He wanted nothing more than to kill Xiang Shaoyun immediately. 

Xiang Shaoyun felt a sharp pain assault his eyes as an unstoppable power approached him, giving him the sensation that he was a bug.

At this time, Old Urchin made his move. He reappeared before Xiang Shaoyun and shouted, "Trying to bully our holy son-in-law? Come, let this old man play with you!"

Right after saying that, he charged Di Batian. In the blink of an eye, he arrived before Di Batian and stabbed Di Batian’s eyes. Old Urchin attacked with the speed of lightning. Nobody below the Saint Realm would be able to even see how he had arrived before Di Batian, let alone see his attack. 

Di Batian remained motionless, while the old man beside him charged forth and swept his leg at Old Urchin. The old man moved as fast as Old Urchin and intercepted the attack.

Old Urchin unleashed a series of consecutive attacks, but the old man was able to keep up with his pace. Their clash created several shockwaves that could shake space itself, and the people around them felt an uncomfortable sensation. Fortunately, as the two fought, they soared into the sky, letting the ground level slowly calm.

"So you're now someone's son-in-law? No wonder you're able to get so many helpers," said Di Batian with a mocking tone.

"Say what you want. Today, only one of us will stay alive. Little Mu, have the senior beside you make a move," said Xiang Shaoyun coldly.

"Granny Luo, you can stop following me. Today, take my big brother's words as my own words," said Ye Chaomu.

"Yes, young lady," said Granny Luo as she stepped forward.

She seemed to be walking slowly, but she was able to close a great distance with each step. Instantly, she reached Di Batian and locked her aura onto Di Batian and the beautiful woman beside him, as though she was going to fight two of them alone.

One had to admit that Granny Luo was truly domineering. She sent two palm attacks out, sending them to Di Batian and the beautiful woman. Her strength was not to be underestimated, and her confidence was not without reason.

The beautiful woman beside Di Batian took out an oddly shaped blade and stabbed toward Granny Luo. The sharp blade emanated an intense sense of danger, one that forced Granny Luo to give up on her attacks and focus on dodging.

The beautiful woman was extremely powerful. She kept pushing toward Granny Luo. However, Granny Luo was no pushover. She met the incoming attacks, and the two soared into the sky as they engaged each other in an intense battle. Xiang Shaoyun had originally thought that he had enough Heaven Battling Realm experts on his side, but it seemed he still didn't have enough.

"So what else do you have?" asked Di Batian in an uncaring manner.

The only Saint Xiang Shaoyun had at his side was the old demon Little White brought.

"Uncle Tang, kill him!" said Little White.

"I'm only in charge of protecting you, your highness," said the old demon.

"Kill him, and I'll be safe," said Little White.

"I won't leave you, and he won't have the chance to kill you," said the old demon stubbornly.

"Uncle Tang, stop being stubborn. If you don't make a move, my boss will be in trouble," said Little White with a pleading look.

"That has nothing to do with me," said the old demon coldly.

If this was any other demonic beast, Little White would be fuming by now. However, he did not dare to casually unleash his rage on this old Demon Saint. Xiang Shaoyun's heart sank when he heard the conversation. Inwardly, he thought, Scarlet Flame, if you have already won, you need to return as soon as possible.

"Haha, so you don't have anything left? It's my turn to kill," said Di Batian as he roared with laughter. A thick killing intent surged out of him as he declared, "Not a single person can hope of leaving here alive today."

He then sent a massive palm flying in Xiang Shaoyun's direction. The pressure emanating from the palm fixed Xiang Shaoyun and the others on the same spot, so they could only stand there helplessly.

"Uncle Tang, what are you waiting for?" said Little White anxiously.

However, the old demon remained behind Little White, completely disinterested about the others. Xiang Shaoyun and the people around him started despairing.

Am I going to die so easily? I can't accept this! roared Xiang Shaoyun inwardly.

Right as the palm was about to land, a powerful aura surged out from behind Xiang Shaoyun and blocked the palm.

"Trying to kill the holy son-in-law? Have you asked this old donkey for his permission? Come on! Let this old donkey teach you a lesson!" a lazy voice rang out.

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