Chapter 1005: This Child Has Finally Grown Up

"I have long prepared myself," replied Devouring Ghost calmly. He then gave Xiang Shaoyun an explanation.

Xiang Shaoyun was told that Green Ghost and the entire Ghostface Sect would be mobilized so long as he required. Green Ghost himself was a Heaven Battling Realm cultivator, an expert strong enough to take the Ziling Sect back.

Scarlet Flame Monarch had also absorbed many treasures. Although he hadn't recovered his full strength, he was strong enough to battle regular Saints. With those two helpers, they wouldn't need to fear any trump card the Ziling Sect might have.

Additionally, Devouring Ghost had also grown considerably. He was now a peak fourth-stage Sovereign. With the help of his blood demon, even late-stage Sovereigns would have a hard time against him. Du Xuanhao had also reached the Sovereign Realm. As a Saber Sovereign, he could easily match a second-stage Sovereign in a battle.

The three leaders of the Skeleton Gang had also reached the Soul Foundation Realm, with Celestial Skeleton being a second-stage Soul Foundation Realm cultivator. The gang's overall strength had also increased. New members had been recruited, and after Devouring Ghost's training, they could spare about 200 members to help Xiang Shaoyun retake the Ziling Sect.

Of the 200 members, a quarter of them were Emperors and the rest were Kings. They were all elites among elites who had survived in the Devil Domain, and they were stronger than regular cultivators of the same cultivation level.

Although the Skeleton Gang was still weaker than a tier-7 organization like the Ziling Sect, they could still form a rather formidable army. Including the turtle, toad, strong-ape, Aikai, and Money, Xiang Shaoyun had high chances at winning.

According to what Xiang Shaoyun knew, Di Batian was a Saint. It was unknown what stage he was at, but he was definitely not at the mid stage yet. After all, back then, even Xiang Shaoyun's father, Xiang Yangzhan, was only a fourth-stage Saint. And since Di Batian had always remained obediently subordinate to his father, one could easily guess his cultivation level.

Of course, Di Batian definitely would receive external help. If Situ Mingyu decided to help as well, the battle would turn complicated. 

Xiang Shaoyun's group would have to make a proper plan before setting off, and they could not afford a defeat. Xiang Shaoyun's initial plan was to attack the Ziling Sect immediately, but after seeing Di Luoyang with Situ Mingyu, he stopped underestimating his enemy and started planning seriously.

"Will Scarlet Flame be able to leave seclusion at any time?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

"He has been nursing his health recently. He should be ready to leave in about half a month," said Devouring Ghost.

"Sure, we'll wait. Also, go ask Green Ghost if he has any top-tier soul foundation forging materials. Forget about ordinary materials. Look for some Demon Saint cores of the gold element as well," said Xiang Shaoyun. But after he was done speaking, he changed his mind and said, "Scratch that. I'll personally pay Green Ghost a visit since it will show my sincerity."

"There is no need. Green Ghost is not daring enough to disobey his master," said Devouring Ghost confidently.

Devouring Ghost was right. He was someone who had educated Green Ghost, and Green Ghost had always viewed him as a father. Even after so many years, Green Ghost still attached great importance to this father figure. Devouring Ghost wouldn't have received so much help from him otherwise.

However, Xiang Shaoyun had his own way of doing things, so he insisted on meeting Green Ghost. There were things that he had to make clear so things wouldn't be awkward for everyone in the future.

In Xiang Shaoyun's eyes, he did not really consider Green Ghost as one of his own. Thus, he would only disregard Green Ghost's feelings if he was actually stronger than Green Ghost.

However, he still needed to visit his Uncle Tang before visiting Green Ghost. It would be impolite not to pay his uncle his respects now that he was here. 

The next day, Xiang Shaoyun told Celestial Skeleton to gather all the members and get them ready for his command. He then went to visit Tang Zhan with Tuoba Wan'er.

Along the way, Tuoba Wan'er had a shy look as she asked, "Holy son-in-law, will it be fine for me to be dressed like this? Will this be lacking in manners?"

Xiang Shaoyun did not know whether to laugh or cry. He said, "Wan'er, you are already as beautiful as a fairy. What else do you want?"

He was right. Tuoba Wan'er was beautiful and elegant. Regular women couldn't even compare with her. Whatever she wore, her beauty would still shine through. 

Instead of traveling on Old Urchin's shabby donkey carriage, they were seated on a luxurious carriage prepared by the Skeleton Gang. Devouring Ghost was personally driving the carriage, with Old Urchin following them from the dark. Nobody else went with them.

Along the way, there were some fools who tried to harass Tuoba Wan'er, but after Devouring Ghost slapped a few of them into mincemeat, nobody dared to create trouble. Strength was the only law in the Bloodsin City. 

Once they arrived at the city hall, Xiang Shaoyun said something to the guard, then waited silently.

A short while later, a butler skipped over and welcomed him, "It's really you, Young Master Xiang. The governor is waiting inside."

The butler was Zhang Sheng, someone Xiang Shaoyun had met before. He knew of the relationship between Xiang Shaoyun and Tang Zhan. He wouldn't have shown Xiang Shaoyun such warmth otherwise.

"I'll have to trouble you to lead the way," said Xiang Shaoyun politely.

Xiang Shaoyun soon reached the main hall. Tang Zhan personally stepped out to welcome him and said, "Kid, why are you suddenly here? Are you slacking on your training?"

"Greetings, Uncle Tang," said Xiang Shaoyun after lightly pulling Tuoba Wan'er.

"Huh? Who is this lady?" Tang Zhan asked with a look of astonishment and appreciation when his gaze landed on Tuoba Wan'er.

"She is my fiancee, Tuoba Wan'er. I brought her here to meet you so you wouldn't blame me for not letting you know about the marriage in the future, Uncle Tang," said Xiang Shaoyun.

Tuoba Wan'er obediently greeted Tang Zhan as well. Tang Zhan rained praises on her with sincere joy on his face. He felt happy on behalf of Xiang Shaoyun, and he lamented inwardly, This child has finally grown up.

He then invited Xiang Shaoyun and Tuoba Wan'er inside. After refreshments were served to everyone, he said, "Shaoyun, you have been growing rapidly. It has only been a few years, yet you have already reached this level. I wonder how Longfei is doing?"

"Don't worry, Uncle Tang. Big Brother Tang is now a sixth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator, and he is one of the top 100 disciples in the academy," said Xiang Shaoyun honestly.

Tang Zhan was overjoyed. "For real?"

"Of course. I wouldn't joke about it. You will know when Big Brother Tang returns in the future," said Xiang Shaoyun.

"Haha, I will be happy if he can even be half as excellent as you in the future," said Tang Zhan.

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