Chapter 1001: Hands off the Boss's Wife

Sister-in-law! Yet another sister-in-law! Xia Liuhui swore that this was the term that he never wanted to hear again.

When he met Wu Zhijun, Xiang Shaoyun told him she was a sister-in-law, someone Liang Zhuangmin had taken a liking to. When he met Han Chenfei, she demanded that he address her as sister-in-law as well. 

Fine, Xia Liuhui accepted all that. And now, this incredibly beautiful woman was also telling him to address her as sister-in-law? She even personally admitted to being his boss's woman? Suddenly, the world seemed to have lost all color. Love no longer existed.

"Xia Liuhui, what's going on? Do you think I'm lying? I'll have you know that I already had my engagement ceremony with Xiang Shaoyun," emphasized Tuoba Wan'er, who thought that Xia Liuhui was assuming that she was a liar. 

After all these years, Tuoba Wan'er was still as beautiful and elegant. Her graceful temperament made her seem like a fairy that had descended from heaven.

"No, no, I believe you," Xia Liuhui hurriedly waved his hands. Inwardly, he cried, The heavens are unfair. Has my boss courted all the beauties in the world?

In the past, Gong Qinyin and Lu Xiaoqing had been looking at Xiang Shaoyun favorably. And now, more remarkable women had fallen for him. Sure, his boss deserved all that, but when even a random beauty on the street was claiming to be his boss's woman, he was dealt a great blow. 

Fine, since this was his sister-in-law, he could only suppress his feelings.

"Good. Come, take a walk with me and tell me about your boss's past," said Tuoba Wan'er.

Xia Liuhui couldn't even find an excuse to say no. Thus, he followed her around obediently and started telling her about Xiang Shaoyun's past. The reason why Tuoba Wan'er had been able to meet Xia Liuhui the moment Xiang Shaoyun left was because she had noticed them the moment they had arrived at the Dragon Phoenix City. She had merely been hiding from them.

She had Old Urchin observing the two from the dark and waited until Xiang Shaoyun left before showing herself. She did not dare to show herself before Xiang Shaoyun because she was afraid that he had yet to forgive her.

Back then, she was truly infuriated by the provocations of Yu Caidie, Huang Xiaoyue, Han Chenfei, and the Han sisters. They were accusing him of being a villainous heartbreaker, and because she didn't really know him that well, she had misunderstood him.

After leaving the Dragon Phoenix Academy and carefully thinking about the incident, she realized that she might have mistakenly blamed him. Even so, she did not go back to the academy. After all, she was still slightly angry after seeing just how many women there were around him.

After traveling around for about a year, she returned. But she received the bad news that Xiang Shaoyun had been expelled. She did not know why he was expelled. She felt sad for him, and she longed to see him again. However, she did not know where to even start her search for him. Eventually, she was told to wait at Dragon Phoenix City, as it was likely that she could meet him again there. Thus, she had stayed in the city since then. Finally, he was here.

The moment she saw him, joy and excitement filled her heart. The two years of separation had taught her just how much she liked him. After all, they had gotten along very well during their time at the Holy Hall.

Xia Liuhui basically told her almost everything he knew about Xiang Shaoyun from his time at the Martial Hall Palace and after. Naturally, Xia Liuhui was smart enough to only sing Xiang Shaoyun praises and not mention anything bad about him.

Sure, he might be jealous of his boss, but there was one principle he had to follow: hands off the boss's wife!

Xiang Shaoyun was naturally unaware of Xia Liuhui and Tuoba Wan'er meeting and talking. With Money, Aikai, the turtle, and the toad, he entered the Dragon Phoenix Mountain Range. With their speed, it did not take them long to reach the strong-ape's territory. There, he saw the strong-ape training the three birds. The three birds rushed over the moment they saw Xiang Shaoyun.

"Boss, you're back!" Vicious Three cried out in excitement.

As for the strong-ape, a look of deep fear appeared in his eyes when he saw the turtle and the toad. He might be a Demon Sovereign, but he was nothing compared to the turtle and the toad.

"Young master, you're here for these kids?" asked the toad as he looked at the strong-ape and the three birds with derision.

"That's right. I have been raising these three," said Xiang Shaoyun as he rubbed the feathers of the three birds who had grown considerably.

They were now peak Kings, and it wouldn't be long before they became Demon Emperors. Xiang Shaoyun wanted to have them continue training at the mountain range, but after some hesitation, he decided to bring them with him. He would be returning to the Ziling Sect soon. At the time, he could appoint them as the sect guardians.

The turtle immediately smiled and said, "Young master, you have good eyes. These kids obviously have a decent bloodline. They will grow into strong individuals."

The toad sensed something wrong, and he hurriedly agreed, "Yes, yes, the young master really has good eyes."

After witnessing Xiang Shaoyun's freakish strength, the two had finally recognized his potential. He might not be overly strong now, but he would probably surpass them the moment he became a Sovereign. Furthermore, he still had the terrifying wolf guard protecting him in the dark. The two had completely submitted to him and no longer dared to think of disloyalty.

Xiang Shaoyun ignored the two. He looked at the strong-ape and said, "Strong-ape, do you want to come with me, or do you prefer to stay?"

After a slight hesitation, the strong-ape said, "I am willing to follow you, master." 

The mystic earth essence energy here had been taken by Xiang Shaoyun. If he wanted to keep growing, he had to enter deeper into the Dragon Phoenix Mountain Range and kill opponents as strong as him before devouring their demonic cores. However, with his strength, it would be a dream to run rampant at the inner parts of the mountain range.

In that case, it would be much better to follow Xiang Shaoyun. Perhaps he could stumble upon better opportunities that way. After all, there were two powerful Demon Sovereigns by his side. If they decided to offer some guidance, the strong-ape would benefit greatly. That was why he had come to this decision. 

Xiang Shaoyun originally planned to grant the strong-ape freedom, so he was surprised to hear that the strong-ape was willing to follow him.

He nodded and said, "Fine. You may follow me. Just call me young master in the future."

He was in need of helpers, and the strong-ape was most certainly a decent helper. Thus, he did not mind accepting the strong-ape as his follower.

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