Hunter of Immortals

Hunter of Immortals

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Masked Panda (人脸熊喵)
“The greatest equalizer in life is death. If it becomes possible to cheat death, equality and fairness would be shattered, and all ethics, morals, common sense, and laws would be thrown into disarray.”
In a dystopian world 100 years in the future, where immortality is no longer just the stuff of fantasy, the pursuit of eternal life has become a universal obsession. Everyone is constantly toiling away in a never-ending hamster wheel, dedicating the entirety of their lives to work and earning money for the chance at an eternal afterlife in a vast cyber interface known as the Metaverse.
However, some are not content with merely existing for all of eternity in a cyber reality, and those people turned to the exploitation of blank slates, humans with advanced brain functions that can have alternate personas uploaded into their minds, essentially acting as vessels to extend the lives of others. Adam is a blank slate who wakes up one day with no memories and an unclear past. In his journey to uncover his past, he inadvertently unearths the heinous secrets lurking in the dark underbelly of this dystopian world, sending his life careening on a wild trajectory completely out of his control…
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An original Chinese novel commissioned by Wuxiaworld to be translated and published in English.

20 Reviews
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a year ago
Not recommended
Altered Carbon meets Persona... It's kinda lame honestly.

It starts off grim with promise of a dark world but turns into highschool battle manga after only a few episodes.

It's a tough sell for me honestly, it reads like a mishmash of different plots from other movies, games and novels.

It just doesn't stand up quality wise to other available works on wuxiaworld.

It goes sideways quickly though so you would probably know if you're gonna enjoy it after just 10 chapters or so. If you're unsure about giving it a try, just read a few chapters and find out...

[Unknown Account]
a year ago
Not recommended
Lazy Ass plot. how in the hell Wuxiaworld license this one.

I'm currently om the latest ch. 53 and suddenly an entire barangay or a section of the city got drag into sht world... without reaction from the government guards...

The "goodness" concept of the MC is rather forced too. Knowing that his personality is wiped out..

The bounty thing is also lazy ass plot... lmao. He has high bounty but only the nub lvl assassin's are hunting. lol. 😂😂😂 Imagine the top caliber Adapter of His guild is doing 1.5m worth missions... so, Regional level assassin's should move by that huge amount of bounty.. 🤷 and nothing happens. Trash.

a year ago
Not recommended
After reading just 10 chapter i can say with confidence that i don't like the novel. The reason being the absolute lack of logic combined with awful pacing. Mc is a person with an wiped personality in an cyberpunk like world. My main problem comes from the fact that despite being having no personlity the mc is badly written. I imagine a person with no personlity be like someone with alzheimer, maybe panicked, maybe confused, maybe emontionless. The author however tries to make him capable while having basically no personality. It can be done but here he really doesn't feel right. Second point is that the people who took him in have actual expectations about him. I won't lie they did try to (or did) help him, but this also bring me to the trind point: the pacing. In the span of 8 chapters he awakend got kidnapped, rescued, made an contract about his future, learned about his (possible) relative, enrolled in an academy got bullied, spend a few months there and did his job. Is it a lot? Because it goddamm is. This pacing is insane. Usually we schould familiarise our self with the mc first, however here in this novel i actually have doubts WHO is the mc. Also the world building is nonexistient for now.

Currently i rate it 3/10 as for chapter 8

In other words: ChatGPD makes a novel with no strong point, sorry no points at all, just a circle.

Is it redememable? Yes, the pacing needs just to change, because, really i'm starting to belive i'm reading a movie script. Maybe an comic without the pictures? Not sure anymore. Keypoint to redemption: slow de fuk down. Please sit down for a second and describe in detail the world, mc or what is going on. Currently with it's bad quality it shouldn't be on wuxiaworld.

I will try to keep reading maybe it gets better.

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