Heroes Shed No Tears

Highly recommended

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Gu Long [古龙]


Heroes Shed No Tears is a classic wuxia story written by Gu Long, the author of 7 Killers and Dragon King With Seven Stars.


Gao Jianfei: A naive martial arts genius, exploring the martial arts world for the first time in his life.

Zhu Meng: A man's man who lives by the sword, but who is more passionate and emotional than he realizes.

Sima Chaochun: The most famous martial artist in the world. Completely and utterly righteous. Or is he?

Zhuo Donglai: The brains behind Sima Chaochun's brawn, who always has a trick up his sleeve.

And the most fearsome weapon under heaven.

Heroes Shed No Tears is a tale of friendship and love, of loyalty and betrayal. Secrets upon secrets will be revealed; pay close attention, and you might be able to unravel the mystery before the characters do!