Chapter 302 - The Resentment Space (1)

After hearing Zhou Weiqing’s words, Hui Yao and Duo Si’s eyes gradually turned red; their bodies continuously released powerful murderous vibes. After Zhou Weiqing probed, they finally told him everything that had happened after they separated. 

As it turned out, after Hui Yao and his wife had parted ways with Zhou Weiqing, they went to look for their children. Using the linkage of their bloodline, they found the Blood Red Hell and happened to see Fen Tian using their children as a blood sacrifice to the Lord of the Nether. 

Naturally, Hui Yao and his wife fought against Fen Tian with all their might. However, at that moment, the Lord of the Nether’s Destruction Energy befell on Fen Tian once again and under his control, it inflicted serious injuries on Hui Yao and his wife. Thereafter, using the power obtained from sacrificing their children, he took the opportunity to enslave them while they were in a delirious state as a result of their rage. It was not until now that they had regained their consciousness. 

Duo Si went up next to Hui Yao. Their necks touched and Duo Si burst into tears. Anyone who had lost their children would be grieving this much too! 

At this moment, suddenly, a bout of strange energy ripples caused the entire space to tremble, triggering everyone to be on guard. 

The air was not the only thing that was quivering - the ground was shaking as well. The destructive aura that came from the abyss greeted them. Even though it was not very strong, it was still a Destruction aura after all. Hence, everyone could not help but look horrified. The sky that had lit up not long ago seemed to have become dull once again. 

The Sidhe Empress hurriedly urged, “Weiqing, quickly absorb Fen Tian’s Heavenly Core Nucleus. We must go over immediately. The Lord of the Nether should be trying to break the seal right now, and it seems as though the seal might not be able to hold him off any longer.”

Zhou Weiqing did not dare to be negligent. He activated his Astral Celestial Territory; Fen Tian’s Heavenly Core Nucleus transformed into a stream of light that channeled into the Astral Celestial Territory. Immediately, a myriad of starlight seemed to have flickered at the same time before sending the feedback to his body, causing Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation base to rise rapidly.

The Sidhe Empress did not idle about - she sat cross-legged suspended in mid-air, restoring the Life Energy that had been drained from her body earlier. Sealing the Lord of the Nether was truly the final part of the war. 

Immersing himself within the pure starlight, circles of halos started emerging around Zhou Weiqing’s Saint God Core Nucleus. Even ripples started appearing on the surface of his skin. His Saint Energy continued to be purified during the process of raising his cultivation base. However, he had realized that, just like what the Sidhe Empress mentioned before, even if he were to engage in the Astral Feedback using Fen Tian’s powerful Destruction Heavenly Core Nucleus, he would still be unable to reach the level that Fen Tian had half his foot in earlier. 

Apparently, possessing Saint Energy did not allow one to enter the Heavenly Change Stage. Contrary to what he had thought, the Creation properties within the Saint Energy had limited his future. 

If reaching the Heavenly Stage meant that the individual had become a God, then in that case, he could never become one. 

In Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, becoming a God was not important at all. However, if he was unable to break through this barrier, how was he going to deal with the Lord of the Nether in the event he successfully broke the seal? How was he going to protect his family, friends and the entire world? 

Even though Zhou Weiqing did not feel strongly about possessing power and authority, he had always been a person who had a strong desire for control. He hated situations that depended on luck and were completely out of his control the most. However, at this moment, all he could do was to try his very best to increase his cultivation base. Every little increase he made would result in more luck to be on his side. 

Accompanying the increase of his cultivation base, the Astral Celestial Territory did not actually get bigger. Instead, it engulfed Zhou Weiqing’s body within it, and seemed to have also embedded stars, that could release Saint Energy, on his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set. The Saint Energy that was getting purer and purer had forcefully suppressed the Destruction Energy that was rising from the abyss down below. 

Gradually, the starlight dwindled; The energy from the Astral Feedback had been thoroughly absorbed by Zhou Weiqing’s body. Fen Tian’s Destruction Heavenly Core Nucleus was indeed powerful. As the saying went, when the situation was at its worst, things would start to look up and improve. The Nebula Saint Energy that was obtained from the feedback of this Heavenly Core Nucleus, which possessed powerful Destruction Energy, drained less energy compared to the Astral Feedback of the Heavenly Core Nucleus that belonged to the other ordinary Heavenly Jewel Masters. Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation base had been forcefully risen from Mid Level Heavenly God Stage to Max Level Heavenly God Stage, and there was still a surplus of Saint Energy. However, the remaining Saint Energy could only make his own Saint Energy become stronger - it could not help him make any other breakthrough.

The Astral Celestial Territory became dimmer, however, the specks of starlight on Zhou Weiqing’s ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set did not disappear. Instead, they became clearer. The starlight on top of the white armor flickered - it seemed as though brilliance, that was filled with Saint Energy, could be emitted from any part of Zhou Weiqing’s body with just a thought.

Zhou Weiqing looked over at the Sidhe Empress. She was still sitting cross-legged, suspended in the air. Circles of Life light continuously expanded and recalled. 

 “Weiqing, I will go with you.” Dongfang Hanyue’s calm voice was heard. She had arrived in front of Zhou Weiqing, while riding on the Tenebrous Demon Dragon.

 “We will go too.” The three Shangguan sisters and Little Witch rushed over to him in a jiffy.

Looking at eagerness and resolve in their eyes, Zhou Weiqing started to tear up.

 “Silly girls, what are you girls going for? You don’t have Saint Energy. If we can solve this situation with just the accumulation of all our cultivation bases, the Lord of the Nether will not be alive right now. Don’t worry, nothing will happen. We are only going to strengthen the seal. We will be back really soon.”

Shangguan Bing’er was rather agitated, “What if the Lord of the Nether breaks the seal?”

Zhou Weiqing was stunned for a moment, before he gestured to her, “Bing’er, come over.” 

At this moment, the women had already forgotten about jealousy. Shangguan Bing’er’s figure flashed and came before Zhou Weiqing. Zhou Weiqing extended both arms and embraced her. 

 “Bing’er, I’m sorry for letting you down. You are the one who introduced me to the world of Heavenly Jewel Masters. When we first met, the awakening of my Heavenly Jewels harmed your body and you did not even blame me. Instead, you continued to help and took care of me. You used your gentleness to guide me on the path to being a Heavenly Jewel Master. It is my biggest fortune to have you as my wife. However, I’ve let you down. My womanizing ways must have hurt you a lot. However, I need to tell you this - my love for you has never dwindled a single bit, Bing’er, I love you.”

As he spoke, he lowered his head and kissed Shangguan Bing’er hard on her sweet lips. 

Shangguan Bing’er was stunned for a moment. However, she quickly responded fervently. She wrapped her arms, that were trembling slightly, around Zhou Weiqing’s neck as hard as she could. 

After their lips separated, Zhou Weiqing released his arms that were embracing Shangguan Bing’er, and gently pulled her to one side. She had a dazed look in her beautiful eyes, as she quietly hovered in mid-air.

His figure flashed and he appeared right before Shangguan Fei’er, before hugging her. 

 “Fei’er, even though you look exactly the same as Bing’er, your personalities are completely different. Within your vivacious personality lies a perseverance that no man can ever match up to. During the most difficult period of my life, you were always there. Thank you. Although I love Bing’er, similarly, I love you too. I cannot do without you. I am selfish, but it is impossible for me not to be this way.”

 “Stop saying such……” Just as Shangguan Fei’er was about to say something agitatedly, she was forcefully kissed by Zhou Weiqing on the lips. In the next moment, she melted into his arms as well. 

After Zhou Weiqing pulled away from her lips, she could not utter a single word. She simply hovered in the air in a daze.

 “Xue’er.” Zhou Weiqing pulled Shangguan Xue’er, who was standing next to Fei’er, over to him. “Xue’er, you have always assumed that your status in my heart can never be compared to Bing’er or Fei’er. However, you are wrong. I love you, not because I love your sisters. I love your calmness, and nobleness. I remember every single thing that you had done for me.”

Shangguan Xue’er took the initiative and kissed Zhou Weiqing on the lips, not letting him continue his speech.

 “Yuehan.” Zhou Weiqing gestured to Little Witch, as he let go of Shangguan Xue’er. 

Wu Yuehan’s eyes were red; tears flowed down uncontrollably, “I hate you for doing this. Are you trying to give us your last words?” Despite saying that, she still came right before Zhou Weiqing. 

Zhou Weiqing shook his head, “No, I just want to hug all of you, and feel the warmth of your body.” He held her cheeks that were soaked with tears and kissed her affectionately.

Regardless of whether it was Wu Yuehan or the three Shangguan sisters, after they were kissed by Zhou Weiqing, all four of them went silent and merely hovered in the air without budging a single bit, with a dazed look in their beautiful eyes.

 “Hanyue.” Zhou Weiqing looked at Dongfang Hanyue. She was looking at him as well.

 “You don’t have to do this. I will not go with you. Apart from you, I still have our son.” Dongfang Hanyue’s face looked pale as she spoke. Her right hand that was holding on to the Tenebrous Dragon Slaying Spear went completely pale as well. 

Zhou Weiqing smiled and said, “That’s good. However, I still want to kiss you. Can I?”

Her figure transformed into a stream of light as she fell hard into his embrace. “Don’t die. Promise me you will come back alive. As long as you come back alive, I promise you that I will give up my status as the Palace Master of Xuantian Palace and reunite our son with you.” As she spoke, she kissed Zhou Weiqing on the lips hard and even bit his lips. 

After all, Dongfang Hanyue was still the leader of a Saint Land. When Zhou Weiqing had kissed Shangguan Xue’er, she had picked up on the clues and realized that the women who had been kissed by Zhou Weiqing had lost their state of mind. She knew that it was because Zhou Weiqing did not want them to risk their lives by following him!

After she kissed Zhou Weiqing, Dongfang Hanyue hugged him tightly and refused to let go. 

Zhou Weiqing sighed, “Perhaps, this is my punishment from the heavens. It is my biggest fortune to have any of you as my wife. However, I am simply way too greedy. Nonetheless, I truly cannot bear to let any one of you go. If I can come back alive this time, I will live for all of you for the rest of my life, and spend the rest of my living days with every single one of you and repay your love for me. Hanyue, wait for me to be back. I will go to Xuantian Palace with you and officially bring you and our son back. Nobody can stop me, even if I have to bring the entire Xuantian Continent over and combine it with the Boundless Mainland, I will not let the two of you be separated from me. 

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