Chapter 75 Heaven’s Expense Infinitum Set (1)

Chapter 75 Heaven’s Expense Infinitum Set (1)

Hearing the guide’s introduction, both Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er sucked in a cold breath. The requirements to enter the fourth and fifth level of the Pavilion were actually the seventh and ninth Heavenly Jewel, with an additional caveat of them being members of the ZhongTian Skill Storing Palace or Consolidating Equipment Pavilion! Such an overbearing requirement, yet they could easily do it.

Seeing their surprise, the white robed youth continued: “Both of you should not feel uncomfortable about not being able to enter the higher levels. In truth, our first three levels are all top quality products that are sufficient for most needs. Although their prices may be slightly higher than outside, the quality is definitely guaranteed.

After a brief moment of surprise, Zhou Weiqing recovered and continued asking: “What about the auction level? Are we able to enter? What sort of items are sold there?”

The youth replied: “Definitely, only the best items are sold there, top quality guaranteed. Most of the times, each auction is only a single or two items, but to enter the auction level, one needs...

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