Chapter 74 Darkness Self Sacrifice Skill (1)

Chapter 74 Darkness Self Sacrifice Skill (1)

Every Heavenly Jewel Master had their own rhythm, and when Jiang Fei was struck by Zhou Weiqing’s Absolute Delay, she did not know what happened that her speed would be affected like that. The Absolute Delay skill was just too well hidden, and was not a well known skill; even the 9-Jeweled Ming Wu had been affected by it without know what happened. In any outsider’s eyes, even in Jiang Fei’s own eyes, it was the Thousand Lightning Strikes that caused her to slow down.

Crow’s power was finally able to be unleashed to its maximum potential, and the ‘Heaven Destruction’ effect on the Legendary Axes made its already powerful strikes even more formidable. The huge axes in her hands were swirling and dancing around like two huge fans; Wu Zhengyang’s Heavy Sword was also strong, with his Elemental Jewel Skills in combination… but paled in front of the two legendary axes.

Originally, Wu Zhengyang was already unable to keep up with Crow’s attacks, no matter in terms of speed or power. Now that he was abruptly struck and numbed by the Thousand Lightning Strikes from Zhou Weiqing, the victory was easily decided.

*BOOM* The ‘Heaven Destruction’ and Legendary Axes smashed apart...

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