Chapter 73 An unexpectedly powerful opponent (2)

Chapter 73 An unexpectedly powerful opponent (2)

“Fei Li Battle Team, Crow.”

“Fei Li Battle Team, Zhou Weiqing.”

“Mi’Ou Battle Team, Wu Zhengyang.”

“Mi’Ou Battle Team, Jiang Fei.”

After the four introduced themselves, the judge gave the signal to start, and the 3rd fight between the two teams began.

As both sides simultaneously summoned their Heavenly Jewels, the surrounding audience gave a loud cry of surprise. Not only because Zhou Weiqing also only had three sets of Jewels, but also because that small young lady called Jiang Fei had actually five sets of Jewels! At her age, that definitely put her at one of the top few talents in the world, and she was undoubtedly the mainstay of the Mi’Ou Battle Team.

Accompanying the Judge’s command, the fight started officially. Although Wu Zhengyang’s face was unreconciled and full of regret, he did not just blindly charge forward. Releasing his Heavy Sword, a bright glow flashed upon the tip of the sword, and his right arm flexed as the Heavy Sword whistled forward, and the glow flew out swiftly as an ethereal sword strike towards Zhou Weiqing and Crow.

Both sides were more than twenty yards apart, and naturally...

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