Chapter 72 In front of Absolute Strength, Tricks are Useless (3)

Chapter 72 In front of Absolute Strength, Tricks are Useless (3)

Indeed, it was a huge explosion, and that was the sound when Crow landed on the stage. With her 600 jin weight and her tough bones and skin, jumping from such a height onto the stage, how could it not cause a powerful commotion. Others usually jumped up swiftly and quietly, yet she decided to do the reverse. Of course, there was no doubt that it had a stunning effect. In that instant, she drew the attention of everyone, including the four seeded teams and the VIP guests.

The Fei Li Battle Team uniforms were dark green, also with gold thread embroidery. The difference from the ZhongTian's uniform was that the embroidery was mostly on the left part of the chest, forming the symbol of the Fei Li Empire, the Cross Sword.

At that point, even the judge on the stage was startled by Crow’s jump, and looking at the slight crack in the Diamond / Titanium floor, his mouth twitched a little.

At the same time, the Mi’Ou Battle Team Member also ascended the stage.

He was a tall, well built youth. Originally, he had moved out at the same time as Crow, but when Crow landed on the Crow, he had been startled and lost his balance. Looking at this girl in...

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