Chapter 71 Enemies Often Cross Paths, A Dual Dose. (2) (Teaser)

Chapter 71 Enemies Often Cross Paths, A Dual Dose. (2)

Lin TianAo nodded and said: “That is definitely the choice of all the other teams, that is to ensure that we maintain sufficient strength to beat all the other Empires’ teams to get into the top eight.”

“After all, these seeded teams are extremely powerful. Even if we really had the power to defeat them, it would likely come at a severe costs, how could we possibly beat the other teams to enter the top eight then? Let alone the top four.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded his head. However, in his mind, a seed of an idea grew. Perhaps if the circumstance permitted it, it might not be necessary to wait until the top eight to fight with the seeded team.

“The tournament rules are as such, but what about the actual fighting? Is it single combat or team based?” As Zhou Weiqing pondered on the matter, he asked Lin TianAo for further details.

Lin TianAo said: “The preliminary heats are four matches of single combat, and one two vs two match. For the finals, it is elimination style. That is to say, each team will send five members out, taking turns to fight in single combat. The victor stays, and the loser is eliminated, until one side has all five eliminated. As for the top four onwards,...

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