Chapter 69 The Powerful Little Witch (3)

Chapter 69 The Powerful Little Witch (3)

In that moment of distraction, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but look down at his chest. He knew that without question, the change in his body had to be connected to Fat Cat’s level up. Although he did not know what happened when he was unconscious, but it was obvious that he had definitely gained a lot from Fat Cat, not to mention that he had not experienced any of the usual pain when breaking through to this key Death Acupuncture Point.

Lifting his hands, he stroked Fat Cat on the head, and said with much emotions: “Thanks, Fat Cat. So you got rid of my clothes in order to help me… Thank you.”

Fat Cat, who had been stewing in anger, was startled by the sudden touch. Hearing his words, she did not know why but she suddenly felt an unspeakable sense of warmth. Such a feeling was new to her, not having even felt that from her father.

As they spoke, Zhou Weiqing had walked out of the cave. At first, he had been planning to praise Fat Cat more, but the moment he stepped out and saw the scene in front of him, his entire body shuddered in shock. In a flash, he charged forth to Shangguan...

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