Chapter 68 Mysterious Black Clad Young Lady (2)

Chapter 68 Mysterious Black Clad Young Lady (2)

As compared to the excitement outside the cave, it was deadly quiet within the cave itself. The four coloured lights shone over the large cocoon, energy rippling forth in strange patterns around it as black and blue lines could be seen subtly fluctuating around. At first, it seemed like the blue lines were more powerful, but as time passed, the black lines seemed to be stimulated, growing in power until it matched the blue lines.

As the two twisted and undulated around each other, the four lights also grew stronger.


The Fei Li Battle team’s luck was still considered relatively good. As Lin TianAo had said earlier, being so close to the main official roads of the Zhong Tian Empire, there weren’t that many Heavenly Beasts. Of course, there were many more Heavenly Beasts deeper in the forests, but it was quite a distance from where they were, and the aura that the little white tiger would give off when evolving had a limited range.

After the two attacks from the Blood Blaze Lion and the Dark Demon Ape, it was another six hours before a third round of attacks from Heavenly Beasts arrived. After which, they were attacked every few hours, but...

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