Chapter 65 My luck is just too good? (3) (Teaser)

Chapter 65 My luck is just too good? (3)

As it turned out, Zhou Weiqing’s quick decision was indeed wise. This red robed old man saw that they were leaving and did not pursue the matter, and just summed the matter of the two attributes as two members having taken action.

As soon as they left the Heavenly Jewel Master Academy, both Drunken Bao and Little Four walked along silently, their brows furrowed, no longer having the arrogant air as before. Xiao Yan’s gaze was constantly on Zhou Weiqing, a pondering look on his face.

On the other hand, Crow had a much more straightforward nature. As soon as they exited the academy gates, she walked up to Zhou Weiqing and clapped him on the shoulder, saying: “Brother Zhou, not bad, not bad! Being lenient when you are in the right, from now on, you are my friend.”

Being embraced by her, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but start a little. Crow’s body was just too huge, even taller than him by half a head, and clasping her hand around his shoulder was just a right fit. However, that big sis had forgotten that she was after all, a girl! Her voluptuous bosom rubbed against Zhou Weiqing’s shoulder, but she was...

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