Chapter 64 Fei Li Battle Team (2)

Chapter 64 Fei Li Battle Team (2)

The five of them were all dressed in a dark green, tight fitting outfit. Amongst them, the one right in the middle, ahead of the pack, had a gold lining around his clothes, while the others had a silver lining embroidered around. Around their left chest, there was a small gold symbol of the Cross Sword, about the size of an egg, and the entire attire gave them a valiant, inspiring look.

Among the five, the most eye-catching one was the person right on the left. That person was almost two metres tall, wide shoulders and solid looking, with a pair of huge hands that was just so striking. The crux of the matter was that this huge person was actually a girl, the only girl among the five!

If we were to talk about looks, this female student was definitely not ugly. In fact, the opposite was true. She had a pair of large eyes, and a soft, gentle well rounded face, with well defined and good looking features. However, when you took into account her immense body, that was rather shocking. That figure could not be called voluptuous, perhaps the word explosive would do it ...

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