Chapter 54 We need to cry out, as if in greater misery! (3)

Chapter 54 We need to cry out, as if in greater misery! (3)

“Ahhhh!!!” The scream seemed inhuman as the noble student jumped up almost two metres into the air, his entire body shuddering while in mid air while his cries were like that of a pig being butchered.

Zhou Weiqing stared at noble students in shock, exclaiming in surprise: “Aiiyahhh, what is going on? I was so kind to help you pick up the arrow, why did you use your buttocks to receive it?! That must be some special martial arts you have trained in… Respect, much respect, it is amazing! Just too amazing!”

Everybody stopped, shocked. The students of commoner class one had a very strange look on their faces. Looking at the honest looking smile on Zhou Weiqing’s face, all of them were delighted snidely in their hearts, but at the same time feeling a cold in their heart. That was indeed the smile of the devil!

Ma Qun muttered: “Is this the legendary ‘Breaking the Chrysanthemum’ [1. I think I've explained this before right? ;)]?? Boss Zhou, you are too savage!”

Zhou Weiqing glanced at him and said: “You can eat anything, but you can't anyhow spread rumours!”

“I was just returning...

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