Chapter 54 We need to cry out, as if in greater misery! (1)

Chapter 54 We need to cry out, as if in greater misery! (1)

Cai Cai said coldly: “Indeed, a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scroll design can be said to be priceless. However, it is still just a design. As a Consolidating Equipment Master yourself, you should be clear that having a design is one thing, and actually creating it is another matter. Do you mean to tell me you have the ability to create this Scroll? Do not joke with me.”

Zhou Weiqing shook his head and said: “Of course not, I definitely do not have the ability currently. However, Principal, I do want to tell you two things.”

“First of all... in the near future, I have a hundred percent confidence of being able to create this God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. Do not ask me why, as that is my own personal secret, and I’m sure you aren’t willing to bet. Secondly, although I am currently unable to create the scrolls, that doesn’t mean my teacher isn’t able to. Oh right, I forgot, there is a third thing. I forgot to mention that the design in your hands is just the first of a set. As for this set… in the...

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