Chapter 52 Ye Pao Pao and A Test (3) (Teaser)

Chapter 52 Ye Pao Pao and A Test (3)

Naturally, Zhou Weiqing giving Kou Rui the Scroll and giving the detailed explanation was part of his plan, designed for the rest of the class to hear. With Kou Rui as an example, no one would have any suspicions that Zhou Weiqing was lying to them.

Ma Qun was now filled with regret. He originally had the opportunity to be the first! Although he was a Heavenly Jewel Master, he was of common birth, and what he hated most was for his freedom to be restricted. As such, he had always depended on himself throughout his life in cultivating. He had worked hard and finally saved enough to Store the Stoneskin Skill on his first Elemental Jewel, but that had wiped out all his savings. Consolidating Equipment Scrolls were just too expensive, and he just could not afford them. Yet, Zhou Weiqing was willing to provide them with them as long as he was boss in school, and without requiring them to be Sealed or restricting them! This was just an opportunity that only came by once in a blue moon, yet he had not seized that opportunity, and perhaps even offended him. He was even worried that...

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