Chapter 48 I beg you, please let go of me (3)

Chapter 48 I beg you, please let go of me (3)

Zhou Weiqing said passively: “Teacher, if you have something to say, please go ahead… although I do not think we have much to talk about. After all, I still haven’t settled with you about you maligning me today.”

Ming Hua revealed a rather amused smirk. “Is that really maligning? Let’s not argue further. Are you interested in hearing a story? After listening to my story, you will understand why I am so sensitive to the Evil aura from you.”

Zhou Weiqing raised his brow. “Right here?”

Ming Hua shrugged and said: “If you do not want your little girlfriend to know we are together in your bedchamber, why don't we go somewhere else. The only thing is… Do you dare to follow me?”

Zhou Weiqing smiled, his old lascivious look reappearing on his face as he looked over her body meaningfully. “Alright then, what are we waiting for? To be invited by a beautiful lady, that is my honour… How could I possibly reject.”

Ming Hua crooked her finger and beckoned to him, laughing lightly as she said: “Come then.” As she...

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