Chapter 48 I beg you, please let go of me (2) (Teaser)

Chapter 48 I beg you, please let go of me (2)

After they returned to their house, Shangguan Bing’er left again to buy provisions. She had lived with her mother from a young age, and naturally had no problems cooking meals. Now that they were staying together outside of the dormitory, she naturally took on the role of chef unhesitatingly. As for Zhou Weiqing, he dove into his room right away. He had already given all 450,000 gold coins to Yan Zhexi to take care of, and he naturally needed to earn more. He still had some Consolidating Paper and Consolidating Ink left over from Huyan Aobo, as well as some Mid Level Consolidating Ink. He decided to create and sell a few Mid Level Consolidating Equipment Scrolls first before continuing on his other plans. After all, in the future, he needed to buy all the various materials to create the various Consolidated Inks for the many different scrolls he had to make for his plans.

From Mid Level Consolidating Scrolls onwards, it no longer required a thousand sheets per set, and only a hundred. Of course, for Mid Level Consolidating Scrolls, the hundred sheets did not necessarily guarantee success, but...

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