Chapter 46 Do not submit, I’ll upkeep you all (1)

Chapter 46 Do not submit, I’ll upkeep you all (1)

“Right? Basis?” Zhou Weiqing looked at the youth and said passively: “My basis is my fist. Since my fist is stronger than yours… Might is right! In the future, my word is the rule for the class. At least in the next four years, no matter who it is, no one is allowed to surrender and depend on either noble families or the Skill Storing Palace. After four years, when we have all graduated, everyone will go on their own path, and you can do whatever you want then. I can’t control anyone.”

As he said that, he walked slowly towards the youth, who continued staring at him with a burning gaze without backing down. Even Ma Qun who was standing beside the youth knitted his brows. Zhou Weiqing was being unbelievably arrogant. Even Kou Rui had a rather ugly look on his face, while the other seniors who were around them looked towards Zhou Weiqing as if he were crazy.

Shangguan Bing’er grabbed Zhou Weiqing’s arm, saying softly: “Little Fatty, what’s wrong? We’re all classmates, don’t do that.”

“It’s exactly because we are classmates that’s why...

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