Chapter 45 Gaining Status in the Academy (3)

Chapter 45 Gaining Status in the Academy (3)

“The noble family students usually choose some of the more outstanding members of the commoner students to join their Families. To do so, they lure them with the funds to Consolidate Equipment or Store Skills.”

“Once they sign their lives away their lives to these nobles, it is pretty much no different as doing so with the Skill Storing Palace. Those seniors have pretty much sold their freedom to the Ye Family.”

Amongst the commoner students, at least eighty percent have chosen to work under noble families or the Skill Storing Palace. Because the Ye Family has one of the largest influence in the Academy, they have managed to get many of the more outstanding seniors amongst the commoners.”

“Thanks, brother.” Zhou Weiqing turned back with a smile, feeling a good impression about Kou Rui. He obviously had been worried about Zhou Weiqing, and had gone through the trouble about investigating the powers and influences in the entire academy. By this moment, the dozen or so commoner seniors had walked up to Ye Lou, who looked at them scornfully and said: “I, Your Father, called you all for so long, and you dared keep quiet? Did you all not eat rice?! This little brat insulted my big brother, you all better take care of him.”

Amongst the dozen or...

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