Chapter 37 Legendary Consolidated Equipment Set (3) (Teaser)

Chapter 37 Legendary Consolidated Equipment Set (3)

“Stop! Don’t go there, we can’t do anything.”

“Little Wei’s Dantian has broken. If we try to use Heavenly Energy to help him, it will just have the reverse effect and make things worse.” Feng Yu’s brow furrowed tightly, a vein clearly throbbing on his temple.

Huyan Aobo said angrily: “But… we can’t just watch him die like this! How could this be… how could this be?! It’s all my fault, I kept chasing the poor boy to work so hard… if not he wouldn’t have lost control of his cultivation and entered qigong deviation. [1. I’m going to use that term from now on due to this link.]

Just as they stood there not knowing what to do, the little white tiger which had been thrown aside by Zhou Weiqing earlier suddenly pounced on him.

The originally tiny body expanded suddenly in mid air, turning into a huge white tiger once again. As it landed down, its front paws landed directly on Zhou Weiqing’s shoulders, its huge body pressing down and preventing Zhou Weiqing from struggling.

The sudden transformation of Fat Cat gave Huyan Aobo and Feng Yu a shock....

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