Chapter 34 Ring of Concealment (2)

Chapter 34 Ring of Concealment (2)

Shangguan Bing’er revealed the struggle in her eyes, but she finally reaffirmed her stance. “Little Fatty, my mom is my only kin, can you forgive me?”

Zhou Weiqing gently held her in his arms, and this time Shangguan Bing’er did not resist as she rested in his broad embrace. “Little Fatty, I also can’t bear to leave you. Ever since we met, although you often make me angry, but these few years together, I have grown used to having you by my side. Although you’re a little afraid of death, a little shameless, and always such a rascal, but I know that your heart is really kind inside. If our feelings are true, such a separation should not matter much. Once we reach the Academy, won’t we be together again?”

Zhou Weiqing put his face to her hair, saying: “Bing’er, how could I stop you from being filial? If only I didn’t make the promise to Huyan Teacher… I should also spend more time with my mother. When I’m gone, if you are free, do help me visit my mother as well okay? Uh, no, it’s our mother. Dad is often at the front lines, and she’s also very lonely.”

Shangguan Bing’er...

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