Chapter 30 Paradise Strange (1) (Teaser)

Chapter 30 Paradise Strange (1)

Since they were already here, they would definitely want to do their best. Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er nodded towards Hua Feng in agreement.

“Wait, Little Wei, did you manage to solve your blocked meridian problem? I haven’t seen you for over a year, and you’ve already grown so much!” Mu En said with a surprised expression. He knew Zhou Weiqing’s actual age, and also the state of his body previously; as such, he did not expect that Zhou Weiqing would actually become a Heavenly Jewel Master.

Zhou Weiqing said with some dissatisfaction: “Teacher, that time you left without saying a word! Your disciple hasn’t just solved the blocked meridians issue. Look!” As he said that, Zhou Weiqing lifted up his right hand, and as he circulated his Heavenly Energy, his Heavenly Jewels appeared. Around his right wrist, the Icy Jade glittered as it orbited the wrist, showing its purity in front of everyone.

Mu En blinked his eyes; although he was the oldest in the group, but his eyesight and vision was incomparable, otherwise he wouldn’t have the nickname of God Eye Scoundrel. When the absolutely pure...

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