Chapter 24 White Little Tiger (4)

Chapter 24 White Little Tiger (4)

When I created this Technique, it was only after I broke through the fifth Death Acupuncture Point when I found out this amazing benefit. With this in mind, I conjectured that every portion of the Immortal Deity Technique will bring an additional evolving. If I am successful in breaking through to the second portion, I will also record it down. If not, may you, my successor, try it yourself.

The profound meaning of the Immortal Deity Technique is in its unceasing improvement. Even if you are not focusing on cultivation, the energy whirlpools will continue drawing in the energy from the atmosphere, as such, once you have started learning the Immortal Deity Technique, the only option is to continue breaking through the Death Acupuncture Points.

There is no necessity in controlling the Immortal Deity Shield, as it will automatically protect its user.


After reading the words on the goat leather page, Zhou Weiqing was in a daze as he stared into the air for a long time. Finally, he scolded out to himself. “Damnit, I’ve boarded the pirate ship [1. literal translation of 上了贼船, basically means he’s been forced onto a course of action]! No wonder this bastard died while trying to break through the eleventh Death Acupuncture Point, he really...

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