Chapter 19 Demonic Right Leg (2)

Chapter 19 Demonic Right Leg (2)

With a total strength of about ten thousand people walking down the Stars Forest Boulevard, especially including the Heavy Infantry Companies which slowed down their total speed, it would take them at least 20 days to arrive in at the border.

Due to the fact that Zhou Weiqing was Shangguan Bing’er’s Personal Aide, he was also assigned a warhorse and rode at Shangguan Bing’er side. Naturally, he knew how to ride a horse, although it cannot be said that he was skilled in doing so, he was at least competent enough to keep himself from falling. This rascal had gone through a huge change in gear, not only was he garbed in the leather armour depicting his Squad Leader rank, his bow was also no longer an ordinary longbow.

In the morning just before they had departed, Xiao Ru Se had a soldier pass him a brand new Purple Dawn Bow and four quivers of special arrows. Knowing that Zhou Weiqing’s strength was immense[1. Plus she’s rich I guess =p Good to have a rich onee-chan looking after you!], she had given him a higher quality Purple Dawn Bow than even Shangguan Bing’er’s, manufactured out of 500-Year-Old Stars Wood. The limbs of the bow were extremely strong and flexible, and the tensile strength was almost twice that of an ordinary Purple Dawn Bow. The bowstring was made out of top quality sinew from a Magic Tenacious Snake, and even the shaft of the arrows from the four quivers were also made using 500-Year-Old Stars Wood, while the arrow tip was crafted from titanium alloy. The value of these four quivers of 200 arrows would almost surpass even that Purple Dawn Bow.

Zhou Weiqing hung just one of the quiver of arrows around his waist, and left the other three hanging on his horse’s back. Cavalry archers were also established in the Heavenly Bow Empire, but there was only a single Battalion of them, and they were considered one of the Trump Card Elite Battalions. There were two greatest advantages that cavalry archers had, one was the speed of their horses, and the other was the sheer quantity of arrows that they could carry along. An ordinary archer who was skilled and strong could at most bring 100 arrows along to the battlefield, but if a cavalry archer brought any amount less than 200, he would be despised. With a warhorse helping to bear the load, that little bit of additional weight was naturally negligible.

Shangguan Bing’er was dressed in her silver armor with a white cloak trailing behind her, making her look extremely valiant as she led the troop from the front. Zhou Weiqing fell into position slightly behind her. Besides them, there were also two Companies of Scouts leading the way, in charge of clearing the path and building bridges or in general ensuring a smooth passage for the rest of the army. [2. Combat Engineers!]

“Bing’er, I want to get down and take a walk, my right leg is still feeling irritable, I need to move around to help myself adapt.” Zhou Weiqing said in a low voice that only the two of them could hear.

“En, go ahead, as long as you follow the main troop that’s fine.” Shangguan Bing’er  nodded and said. Ever since Zhou Weiqing started acting proper around her, she had also started treating him differently. Ever since that day he had hugged her, Shangguan Bing’er was a little afraid to look into Zhou Weiqing’s eyes. Her heart was rather conflicted, she was afraid that Zhou Weiqing might suddenly relapse, but was also faintly anticipating a hug like that day.

Zhou Weiqing vaulted off his horse, giving Shangguan Bing’er his customary honest smile, then he landed on his right foot and his body shot off like an arrow as he entered the nearby woods.

The way he bounded off was very charming, particularly since his speed was extremely quick, only relying on the strength of his body. Alas, after he entered the woods, Zhou Weiqing discovered that he had misjudged his own speed.

*Peng* his body made intimate contact with a huge tree. Luckily, he had managed to block the impact with his arm, so he did not have it too terribly.

“F***!” Zhou Weiqing slid down from the tree, feeling rather dispirited, lifting his foot to kick the Stars Tree, which was large enough for 2 men to hug, in front of him.

A dull thumping sound rang out, and the dispirited Zhou Weiqing was shocked into staring, his jaw dropped so open that you could shove 2 eggs into his mouth.

The huge Stars Tree that he kicked had unexpectedly flown off in the air, smashing into another large tree at the side and falling to the ground with a loud crash and bang.

"Crap!" Zhou Weiqing looked down at his right leg which had kicked down that tree unexpectedly, he did not feel anything from his right leg, and it was as if everything was normal. However, he had actually kicked down an entire Stars Tree! For a Stars Tree of such a size, even if they were to use saws, four men would still take an entire day to bring it down. Yet, he had actually smashed it down and thrown it back with just a kick.

In an instance, the dispirited feeling he had because of he was unused to the unequal strength of his legs was swept away. Zhou Weiqing quickly took off his pants and looked at his right leg.

On the surface, it seemed as if his right leg and left leg were not different in any way, but the difference in strength was unexpectedly to such a huge degree. Furthermore, despite kicking such a thick and rough tree trunk, he did not feel any pain at all.

He focused his will and manipulated his Heavenly Energy from his Dantian to move down into his legs, and as he did so, the differences in both legs once again showed itself.

As the Heavenly Energy coursed through the legs, both obviously felt more powerful, but on the surface, his left leg remained unchanged, but the skin of his right leg immediately showed the familiar black tiger tattoos once again, spreading across the entire right leg, surrounded by a black grey aura, and it also seemed to naturally tilt backwards a little. Zhou Weiqing saw that his right leg had become fully jet black, and as he moved it, it felt as though his right leg had turned into an incomparably powerful whip.

Using his left leg as a pivot, he took a leap forward and reached the front of another huge Stars Tree. His right leg swept forth like lightning, moving so rapidly that it blurred the air and seemed to leave a shadow behind.

This time, when his leg made contact with the tree, the sound had actually changed from a “Ping” into a “Puff”. The Stars Tree in front of him was once again knocked away and flew off, though the point of fracture now was actually extremely smooth, looking as if it had been cut off by a sharp knife blade.

Zhou Weiqing was even more shocked by what came next, as the tree flew in the air, its leaves suddenly started to wither and turn yellow quickly, and the bough itself started emitting a grey air, before withering. When the tree landed on the ground, it unexpectedly smashed into smithereens.

"This, this was really too awesome…” Zhou Weiqing looked at his right leg, then looked at the shattered Stars Tree, and muttered to himself: “Bing’er said that those Heavenly Jewel Masters who have the Demonic Change will lose control their minds; it doesn’t seem like I have the Demonic Change, instead I have this Demonic Right Leg. With such strength, if it hits a human at full strength, how much damage would it do?"

Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing discovered that pouring Heavenly Energy into his leg for the kick did not consume much Heavenly Energy at all. All of a sudden, he thought of something in his heart, recalling at once the huge winged black tiger that he had seen several times.

There were three places where the black tiger had left him with a deep impression; the first was its pair of ferocious bloodshot eyes, the second being its large dual wings, and lastly was the tall, hooked scorpion tail.

His right foot had turned black completely, and it also seemed to hook upwards automatically. Didn’t this just seem like the scorpion tail of that black tiger? Had his right leg evolved from that?

By now, he was completely certain that that the black pearl was probably the Internal Core of the huge black tiger that he had seen, and he was absorbing the abilities of this extremely formidable black tiger.

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