Chapter 17 Touch of Darkness (2)

Chapter 17 Touch of Darkness (2)

At the instance when the Alexandrite Cat’s Eye entered the socket on the Overlord Bow, Zhou Weiqing felt his Heavenly Energy drop drastically, and he did not dare to delay any further, quickly drawing the bow and nocking an arrow.

To his surprise, he found that the tensile strength of the Overlord Bow was unexpectedly almost ten times that of the Purple Dawn Bow; even with the strength boost from his Physical Jewel, he barely managed to fully draw the bow to a full crescent. By the time he had managed to do so, his forehead was already full of perspiration from the exertion, and almost a full third of his Heavenly Energy had been consumed.

Under the control of his will, the black light instantaneously spread out from the Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Jewel, with black tattoos quickly spreading over the whole Overlord Bow, even down to the bowstring turning black totally. The arrow nocked on the bowstring started to quiver slightly, as if it was almost unable to withstand the huge energy within, and might rupture at any moment.

Taking in a deep breath, Zhou Weiqing turned round suddenly and fiercely, revealing only his right hand and the Overlord Bow, while his body still remained hidden behind the tree. With a quick aim, he released his grip on the bowstring, and the arrow flew out.

It was not possible to directly use the Elemental Jewel Skills on a bow and arrow, but through the Physical Jewel’s Consolidated Equipment which had the indentations inscribed, it was actually possible to do so. This was Zhou Weiqing’s first time really using his Physical Jewel Consolidated Equipment fused with his Elemental Jewel Skills, and just this arrow alone drained half of his Heavenly Energy.

At the moment when Zhou Weiqing loosened the Overlord Bow’s bowstring, he felt as though his entire body had been drained dry, his whole body shivering, and a loud roar resounded through the forest in an explosion. Even with Zhou Weiqing’s eyesight, he had still not been able to see the arrow’s movement clearly, and had only been able to hear the deafening roar thundering about 70 yards away, and the trembling of the earth transmitted through the feet.

“Damned, is this lighting of fireworks?” Zhou Weiqing was greatly startled and he quickly jumped up to look, and what was in front of him was an incredibly shocking scene.

Just 70 yards away, on the ground, there was a huge hole of about five meter diameter, one and a half metres deep. Around the hole, the surrounding area in a radius of about 30 meters were leafs, wood and various plant parts dropping from the sky everywhere. The 12 black tentacles were tightly wound around Xiao Se’s body, and Xiao Se was right in the middle of the huge hole, obviously having been drawn forcefully there by the Touch of Darkness, and she was in a dazed state.

Once the Touch of Darkness had latched onto a target, unless the target was able to break free through sheer strength, otherwise, before Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Energy ran out, it would continue binding the target.

Zhou Weiqing quickly kept the Overlord Bow, calmly picking up his Purple Dawn Bow and nocked another arrow before walking towards Xiao Se.

After a short bout of being stunned, Xiao Se gradually awoke, the stun duration lasting around 4-5 seconds. This was not just the effect of the Touch of Darkness, but also due to the sheer power of the Overlord Bow’s arrow, causing her to be stunned by the impact as well. Zhou Weiqing had really not expected the Overlord Bow combined with the Alexandrite Cat’s Eye had such immense power.

This Overlord Bow that was just his first Physical Jewel’s Consolidated Equipment had an attack range of almost a whole kilometer, and by itself possessed an explosive effect. This was also the reason why it consumed so much Heavenly Energy from Zhou Weiqing. In addition to the Touch of Darkness, Zhou Weiqing barely had a third of his Heavenly Energy left currently.

Xiao Se could not believe that everything before her was real. Just a moment ago, she had been completely suppressing Zhou Weiqing, and was just a short step away from victory. All of a sudden, a huge roar sounded out, and before she could react, a large explosion had blown up just a few yards from here, and the corresponding shock-wave had stunned her. She was after all not a Jewel Master, although although she had managed to cultivate to the second level of Heavenly Energy, and her physique was definitely above average, but faced with such a sudden strong explosion, she had been knocked away and stunned. By the time she had awoken, she had already found herself bound by those black shadowy tentacles and she was unable to break free of them, and that Little Fatty Zhou was already in front of her with a drawn arrow pointing at her.

“You’ve lost.” Zhou Weiqing said lazily.

Xiao Se’s eyes narrowed as she said: “Are you a Jewel Master?”

Zhou Weiqing nodded, lifting up his right wrist and revealed the glittering, translucent Icy Jade Physical Jewel and said: “More accurately, I am a Heavenly Jewel Master.”

Xiao Se shivered slightly, her eyes full of shock, and seeing that Zhou Weiqing was less than 50 yards from her, she said dejectedly: “I admit defeat. Losing to a Heavenly Jewel Master, I guess it isn’t an unjust loss.”

Quickly expelling the Touch of Darkness, Zhou Weiqing grinned as he also kept the arrow. Just as he was about to go forward to greet Xiao Se and tell her who he was, all of a sudden, the dejected look on Xiao Se’s face disappeared, and in a quick flash, her Purple Dawn Bow was drawn and nocked, pointed at Zhou Weiqing. Her speed was just too quick, and with some self-examination, Zhou Weiqing found that even if he used the wind attribute, he would still be slower than her. This was the result of years of repeated training in archery.

Zhou Weiqing quickly halted his footsteps. At such a close distance, it would be impossible for him to dodge an arrow fired from that Purple Dawn Bow.

“You’re cheating so shamelessly!” Zhou Weiqing stared at Xiao Se.

Xiao Se’s eyes revealed a teasing light, “Did I act shamelessly? Oh, were you referring to my words earlier admitting defeat? How foolish, how can you believe the words of enemies so easily? If this was the battlefield, you would already be dead. Didn’t we agree to the terms of the competition? The terms were the person who hit the opposite side would get the win, there was nothing mentioned about admitting defeat orally. You are the one who has lost.”

As she said that, Xiao Se lifted her finger lightly, and the arrow flew out at top speed toward Zhou Weiqing. Since she had pointed out Zhou Weiqing’s mistake, naturally she would not commit the same mistake.

However, in the next instance, Xiao Se’s pupils suddenly contracted and her body stiffened in shock. This was because the arrow that she had thought was a definite win had actually failed somehow. Zhou Weiqing seemed to have vanished into thin air just as Xiao Se released her arrow. He then quickly appeared three yards away, and a silver light flashed around his body. His whole body then quickly leapt forward like a leopard towards Xiao Se.

‘Blink’, did he use the Blink skill a moment ago? Although Xiao Se was not a Jewel Master, but she was experienced and knowledgeable. She was very clear that this Blink skill was considered the top supporting skill within the first three Elemental Jewels! This was not even considering that he had used a skill from the darkness alignment earlier. Did he really have a dual attribute Elemental Jewel? This was really the main cause for her surprise.

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