Chapter 307 - Saint Infant (3)

A series of images continuously played in his mind. He could clearly remember the first time he met Tian’er - how adorable that chubby little cat was. When he was at the darkest point of his life, Tian’er had helped comforted his heart that was in great pain with her body. She had always been there for him at all times, till now. At this moment, Zhou Weiqing’s heart had ached so badly that he was unable to breathe. He had even forgotten where he actually was.

Tian’er, Tian’er…… Zhou Weiqing was unable to restrain the anguish within his heart. The heart-wrenching grief had caused the Life Energy that was combusting in his body to become extremely unstable - even the Sidhe Empress, who was outside the seal, could sense his call.

Pff - the Destructive light was about to hit Tian’er’s body. In that instant, Tian’er’s body immediately became stiff. The protective Saint Energy had been disintegrated by the light beam from the Eye of Destruction almost instantly; it was a terrifying energy that even Zhou Weiqing was unable to resist!

Without a sound, the Destructive light landed...

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