Chapter 306 - The Netherworld (2)

Suddenly, their bodies felt lighter. The Destructive Energy in the surroundings seemed to have scattered. Even though it was still present, it was not as dense and pure as it used to be.

“Tian’er, why did you follow me here?” Zhou Weiqing pulled Tian’er over, from his back, and held her small hand. For a moment, all kinds of feelings welled up in his heart.

The seal had been completed. However, both he and Tian’er were brought to the Netherworld. Right now, the only thing that Zhou Weiqing could sense was their unavoidable impending death.

Tian’er looked at Zhou Weiqing; she seemed to be completely unaffected by everything in the external world, “Silly boy, how can I leave the father of my child to die alone? No matter what, I want to be with you. Don’t think about abandoning me.”

Zhou Weiqing held Tian’er’s hand tightly. He did not reprimand her any further. Everything that had happened, happened. It was pointless for him to say anything more at this juncture.

“Well, isn’t this very touching? Is this what you human beings call ‘love’?” A neutral voice was heard coming from all directions.

The space that was originally filled with darkness had brightened up.

A light appeared in front of them - it was a green halo, rather indistinct. Nonetheless,...

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