Chapter 306 - The Netherworld (1)

However, at this very moment, respect could be seen in the eyes of all the Divine Beasts that existed only when they were in front of the Dragon Emperor. Regardless of how young the young man before their eyes was, everything he had done was sufficient to prove that he was worthy of being entrusted with this task by the Dragon Emperor.

In the face of life and death, he did not choose to cower; instead, he took the fatal attack head-on out of dedication towards his mission. His facial expression did not change even the slightest bit. Facing death with equanimity was easier said than done - how many people could actually do it? The Divine Beasts originally despised human beings. In their opinion, if the human beings did not develop that many negative emotions, the Lord of the Nether would not exist. However, at this very moment, they held Zhou Weiqing in high regard. In their hearts, the status of human beings had changed. There was a hero amongst the human beings after all!

However, Zhou Weiqing did not see that even though Tian’er’s body was sent flying, there was some whitish gold Saint Energy wrapped around his waist, and Tian’er was at the other end of that Saint Energy.

As the black vortex was engulfing Zhou Weiqing’s body, Tian’er was pulling onto the rope, that was condensed by Saint Energy, with all her might. Even though she was unable to pull Zhou Weiqing, the core of the formation, away, she was able to use the counterforce to bring herself back.

The might of the Destructive Energy vortex could be described as terrifying and formidable. The Destructive Energy released from the self-detonation set off by the Lord of the Nether collided with the Saint Energy around Zhou Weiqing, creating an intense energy force. The energy of both parties was drastically being consumed. However, the Destructive Energy was too pure - within a short period of time, it forcefully broke the Saint Energy vortex condensed by Zhou Weiqing and the twelve Divine Beasts.

Of course, it was not so easy to counteract the Saint Energy that belonged to Zhou Weiqing and the twelve Divine Beasts. The black vortex had also began shrinking at an alarming rate.

Just as before, Zhou Weiqing’s facial expression showed no signs of changes. He was very clear that even if the Destructive Energy had an effect on his body, it was insufficient to kill him. With the Saint Energy weakening it, coupled with the protection of his self-defense and the powerful Saint God Core Nucleus, he would only be severely injured at the most. On the other hand, the Lord of the Nether would still be sealed. In the moment when the Destructive Energy vortex approached him, he had mobilized his powerful will to release sufficient Saint Energy to complete the entire seal. Even though this rendered his self-defense to be less powerful, at the very least, the seal could be completed.

However, in the next moment, Zhou Weiqing’s facial expression had changed. Tian’er hugged him from behind once again and dense Saint Energy was released from Tian’er’s body, protecting the both of them. At this moment, the black vortex had already forcefully broken open all the Saint Energy, enveloping Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er within it.

One of the reasons why Zhou Weiqing’s facial expression changed was because of Tian’er; the other was due to the strange changes seen in the Destructive Energy. It did not directly attack Zhou Weiqing, even though it broke the connection between Zhou Weiqing and the other twelve Divine Beasts in an instant. However, the Destructive Energy engulfed Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er. A massive pulling force erupted at this moment; the Destructive Energy did not advance but retreated instead, transforming into a ball of black stream of light before making its way back into the final crack on the seal’s formation in an instant.


The Saint light flickered; whitish golden light ascended in a flash, turning into a huge light beam that erupted, following the winding passageways of the abyss before it shot out.

The entire formation of the seal of the Netherworld had finally been completed. The seal was once again strengthened, and the Saint Energy gradually gathered after rising intensely.

The seal’s space was filled with gentle energy ripples - it was different from the original seal that was led by the Dragon Emperor. The seal’s space at this moment had truly looked like a separate world of its own. Countless stars were flickering in the sky; and the earth was emitting milky white halos beneath their feet. The looks of the Lord of the Nether could no longer be seen - he was completely sealed within the formation.

However, the leader in-charge of completing everything, Zhou Weiqing, had disappeared. Both he and Tian’er had vanished after being swept away by the Destructive Energy.

The light from the Saint Energy gradually dissipated from the bodies of the Divine Beasts. Looking at the perfect seal. Every single one of them had a heavy heart. Nothing was able to cheer them up.

“Weiqing……” The Sidhe Empress’ figure flashed and appeared at Zhou Weiqing’s last location prior to his disappearance. She was completely stunned. In order to complete the seal, Zhou Weiqing did not defend himself or dodge the Lord of the Nether’s last attack, and got forcefully pulled into the Netherworld as a result. That was the Lord of the Nether’s world. Even though the Lord of the Nether had exhausted a massive amount of energy, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er were not his match!

Two figures descended from above - they were the human forms of Hui Yao and Duo Si. After they had landed on the ground, Duo Si could not help but rush into Hui Yao’s embrace. On the other hand, Hui Yao looked extremely distraught.

All the Divine Beasts had landed on the ground. At this moment, the Entropic Nether Tiger Phelia from the outer circle had also rushed over. However, even if she wanted to, she was unable to cry out.

Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er had disappeared. The psychological blow she had received was similarly huge. She had originally felt extremely guilty towards Tian’er, and yet at this very moment, she had seen her daughter vanish before her eyes. One could imagine how devastated she must be.

“He is a hero.” The dragon turtle’s voice was heard. “He is just like His Majesty, the Dragon Emperor - they are the heroes that saved this world.”

The Sidhe Empress stood there in a daze, “But why does a hero have to die? I brought them here, yet I am unable to bring them back. How am I supposed to explain to his wives, as well as the other people?”

With grief on her face, the Sidhe Empress sat cross-legged and muttered to herself, “Perhaps, I am thinking too much. Both of us are sharing a life - if he’s dead, it’s impossible for me to be alive on my own. I shall accompany him here then. The time to wait for the moment of our deaths has come.”

“Your Majesty, please do not be too pessimistic.” The dragon turtle’s deep resounding voice was heard once again. “Perhaps, there’s still a chance that Zhou Weiqing will come back alive.”

The Sidhe Empress was stunned for a moment before replying, “What did you say? He’s able to come back alive? But he was being taken away by the Lord of the Nether!”

The dragon turtle continued in a deep voice, “However, our seal has already been completed. When the Lord of the Nether was attacking the seal earlier on, in order to destroy it, he kept using his original Destructive Energy, not forgetting the fact that he had been attacked by Your Majesty and His Majesty. Furthermore, his pincers had self-detonated in order to capture Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er. His cultivation base had been severely weakened. Even though he is powerful within his Netherworld, our seal is thoroughly completed to such perfection. Hence, he is unable to receive any forms of nourishment, which is the Destructive Energy that comes from the negative emotions here. Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er have a rather powerful cultivation base. Under such circumstances, they still have a fighting chance. Nonetheless, I find it odd that the Lord of the Nether had chosen to capture them instead of attacking them.”

Hearing the dragon turtle’s words, the facial expressions of the Sidhe Empress as well as the other Divine Beasts had eased up a little. Indeed, they had combined forces with Zhou Weiqing earlier, coupled with the fact that the power of the formation had constantly consumed the Lord of the Nether’s energy. In other words, the Lord of Nether was definitely not at his peak condition. Under such circumstances, Zhou Weiqing might stand a chance against him.

The Sidhe Empress nodded her head slowly, “I hope that’s the case. As long as I’m still alive, it will mean that Zhou Weiqing is not dead yet. However, even if he were to defeat the Lord of the Nether, how is it possible for him to leave the Netherworld by breaking through the seal that even the Lord of the Nether is unable to break through?”

After hearing the dragon turtle’s words, the Entropic Nether Tiger Phelia had a sudden epiphany, “Your Majesty, you don’t have to worry about that. Since our seal is called the seal of the Netherworld, it is only effective against the Lord of the Nether. As long as Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er are able to defeat him and are not restricted by Destructive Energy, they will be able to use their Saint Energy to pass through the seal and return. Heavens! Please protect the children.”

As she spoke, Phelia slowly knelt down on the seal, and prayed silently.

Hui Yao patted Duo Si, who was trembling with grief, “Let’s leave first. The people who are waiting outside must be very anxious. We should at least inform them about the current situation.”


The two enormous dragons soared up at the same time, flying out of the abyss.

It was dark - an endless darkness.

When Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er were swept away by the Destructive Energy vortex, all they could sense was endless darkness. Due to the fact that he had connected his will with the wills of the twelve Divine Beasts, Zhou Weiqing’s will had reached the Heavenly Change Stage. Even though the Destructive Energy had broken the connection by force, in that instant, he was still able to sense what was happening.

I’m done for. That was Zhou Weiqing’s final thought just before the left the seal and entered the crack within it. He had never expected the Lord of the Nether to come up with an idea as such - instead of attacking him directly, he used the energy from the self-detonation to pull him and Tian’er into the Netherworld.

The powerful, yet unstable, Destructive Energy ripples constantly pulsed and revolved around him and Tian’er. Everything in the surroundings became illusory. The warped and illusory energy ripples constantly pressed against their bodies. All Zhou Weiqing could do at this moment was to use his Saint Energy to protect himself, as well as Tian’er, and prevent them from being harmed by the Destructive Energy around them.

The only thing that was worth rejoicing about was the fact that because he had been mobilizing the Saint Energy of the twelve Divine Beasts, their cultivation bases were still at their peak. However, even though they were in their peak condition, was it sufficient for them to defeat the Lord of the Nether?

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