Chapter 306 - The Netherworld (1)

However, at this very moment, respect could be seen in the eyes of all the Divine Beasts that existed only when they were in front of the Dragon Emperor. Regardless of how young the young man before their eyes was, everything he had done was sufficient to prove that he was worthy of being entrusted with this task by the Dragon Emperor.

In the face of life and death, he did not choose to cower; instead, he took the fatal attack head-on out of dedication towards his mission. His facial expression did not change even the slightest bit. Facing death with equanimity was easier said than done - how many people could actually do it? The Divine Beasts originally despised human beings. In their opinion, if the human beings did not develop that many negative emotions, the Lord of the Nether would not exist. However, at this very moment, they held Zhou Weiqing in high regard. In their hearts, the status of human beings had changed. There was a hero amongst the human beings after all!

However, Zhou Weiqing did not see that even though Tian’er’s body was sent flying, there was some whitish gold Saint Energy wrapped around his waist, and Tian’er was at the other end of...

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